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Safety in system: Protection for man and machine!

Under this motto, the Schmersal Group offers its customers the largest range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide for the protection of human life and machines.

For Automation, Safety Applications and for Elevator Technology They are extremely compact, very robust and extremely versatile. The properties of these new Position Switches PS116 are aimed at a wide range of applications across all disciplines of the machine and equipment manufacturers.  more
The Schmersal Group presents the SLC/SLG 445, a new series of safety light curtains and light-grids. The difference to the SLC / SLG 440 series are the additional functions. The functional diversity allows the individual application requirements to be more flexibly adapted - with the aim to have the highest productivity and safety possible.  more
The Schmersal Group are presenting at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair a new safety sensor for the first time. This safety sensor combines the successful detection principle using RFID technology in a special compact construction. The new RSS260 safety switching device achieves quite a high switching distance.  more
Saturday, 30.8.2014

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The suitability for hygiene-critical applications of the command and signalling devices of the N product range has been tested by the Testing and Certification Body for Foodstuffs and Packaging of the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) - and they have passed the test.  more
Following its launch at the SPC IPC Drives fair in 2013, an expert jury has now nominated Schmersal's RSS260 safety sensor for the 2015 GIT Safety Award under the category "Safe Automation".  more
The Schmersal Group has become a member of the "European Hygienic Design & Engineering Group" (EHEDG). The EHEDG's aim is to draft practical guidelines on the subject of "Hygienic Design" and certify hygiene-compliant components.  more
"Schmersal Safety Services": The Schmersal group summarizes the services that it offers to manufacturers and users of machinery and equipment worldwide. The enhanced service program concerning machine safety will be presented at the SPS IPC Drives.  more
We are glad to be able to inform you that a new version of our SISTEMA library (V1.6) is now available online.  more