Creating protective masks with Schmersal clamp

At Schmersal being socially responsible is one of our core values and in these trying times we feel we need to do our part help in the fight against the Corona virus.

Since the use of protective masks around the world have become part of everyday life there have been times where securing a mask is not that easy. In order to help with this challenge, we have developed a buckle which will help turn a regular piece of material and two elastics into a face covering for use in times when the acceptable social distance cannot be followed. The plastic material used is FDA approved and is approved for direct contact to skin.

The idea is from a Schmersal employee and as a team the buckle was designed and produced within Schmersal.

To date 3000 pairs of buckles have been produced and shipped to Schmersal group companies in Brazil and India to be distributed in their local regions. Schmersal is also shipping a pair of buckles, including instructions for use, to customers with every order.

Do your part to minimize the spread!