Face masks: #TeamSchmersal sews

“To be aware of our social responsibility” is one of our core values. “We build an environment of solidarity and respect, contributing with personal commitment and financial effort to the sustainable development of society.” Facial coverings are helpful in minimizing the spread of the coronavirus.

Wearing an appropriate mask, especially in public places or where the required social distance cannot be met, can help to protect the health of others. When masks were in short supply back in April 2020, and it looked likely that many of our colleagues would soon be returning from their home offices, the ‘#TeamSchmersal sews!’ campaign was born.

Many employees, both current and retired, as well as family members from all over the world indicated their willingness to spend their free time cutting fabric and sewing masks to help protect colleagues within Schmersal and help limit the spread of the corona virus. We are on the way to reach our goal to produce 6000 masks!