Honey from the Schmersal beehive

“‘To take care for our planet” is one of our core values. Schmersal is engaged in actions big and small to help protect the environment in a variety of ways. One of these actions is the preservation of bees.

In order to support this action two beehives have been setup on the roof of the production plant in Wuppertal. One of our employees, a hobby beekeeper, takes care of the colonies on a regular basis. The bees collect nectar from nearby fields and gardens plus there are also flower beds on the company premises as an additional source of nutrients.

The 2019 Schmersal honey vintage was predominantly from linden flowers. The sweet harvest – a total of 20 kg of honey – was poured into small jars and offered as a gift to customers.

By pollinating crops and wild plants, bees make an invaluable contribution to our ecosystem and food production. Currently, many species of bees are at risk of extinction around the world and we are working to do our part in protecting such a valuable part of our environment.