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The fight against COVID-19 is a team effort, and for us as a company the health and well-being of our employees is of the highest value. We have therefore made our employees worldwide aware at an early stage of the precautionary measures to be taken to protect against COVID-19.

Visits, business trips and events, regardless of duration and distance, now only take place in absolutely exceptional and approved cases. In cooperation with the respective visitor or host, we of course ensure that all parties involved are protected by a suitable hygiene concept.


According to the current status, our ability to deliver is ensured. We are in regular communication with our customers and suppliers should this situation change in the short term. Unfortunately, due to the dynamics with which COVID-19 is spreading worldwide and the associated potential difficulties in border and cargo traffic, we cannot rule out the possibility of supply chain issues arising as a result. We are therefore continuously reassessing the supply situation and doing everything in our power to minimize the potential impact of a supply chain bottleneck on our customers and business partners.

With seven production sites, almost 20 subsidiaries and more than 40 sales agencies worldwide, we are close to our customers and business partners everywhere and can be contacted at any time. If you have specific questions about certain products, services or solutions, please contact your Schmersal representative, who will be happy to assist you. You can also find the contacts here.

With regard to trade fairs and customer events, authorities continue to unanimously advise caution and precaution.

Currently, with a few exceptions in low risk areas, there are no trade fairs where the Schmersal Group presents itself. Customer events such as "tec.nicum on Tour" have also been suspended. Furthermore, until further notice, all internal as well as external events in the Schmersal Academy will only take place in absolutely exceptional cases and in strict compliance with the respective hygiene concepts. However, Schmersal is currently working at high pressure on the development of new digital forms of knowledge transfer and exchange with our customers, including webinars and virtual trade fairs.

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