Schmersal RSS-Feed Schmersal RSS-Feed de Schmersal RSS-Feed 18 16 Schmersal RSS-Feed TYPO3 - get.content.right RSS260 safety sensor with new cost-saving features Integrated software logic enables efficient safety solutions Wuppertal, 30 July 2021. The Schmersal Group has further developed its compact RSS260 safety sensor and equipped it with new software – the sensor now offers four additional, optionally selectable functions:

  • Feedback loop monitoring
  • Automatic restart / manual restart
  • Reset
  • Emergency stop monitoring

On the F0/F1 version, the RSS260 assumes the tasks of a safety relay module, i.e. monitoring of the movable safety guard as well as of the contactors directly actuated by the sensor outputs – monitoring is carried out by the integrated logic in the sensor, rendering a separate evaluation device unnecessary.  

On the F0 version, the machine restarts automatically as soon as all safety guards have been closed. An additional ‘enable button’, without edge monitoring, can be switched into the feedback loop. The F0 version is suitable for small machines without a protective space that can be accessed behind.
The F1 version is recommended for smaller systems, where the hazardous area can be accessed by the operator, as it has a reset function. The edge-monitored reset button must be pressed before the machine is restarted – when it is clear that the system is in a safe state and that no one is in the hazardous area. This function is consistent with the ‘manual reset function’ in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1.

The RSS260 with Q function is suitable for machines where the use of an EMERGENCY STOP switch is compulsory. EMERGENCY STOP switching elements integrated into a series circuit can be monitored by the Q function in the last sensor of the chain. This eliminates the need to install a separate safety circuit for the EMERGENCY STOP switches. The EMERGENCY STOP switching elements monitored by the Q function meet the requirements up to PL e. A reset button is required here as well, as no automatic restart of the machine is permitted after an EMERGENCY STOP command has been reset.

‘The additional features of the RSS260 not only make it possible to save on a safety relay module, but they also reduce the wiring and installation effort. What’s more, the Q variant does not require a separate safety circuit for the EMERGENCY STOP,’ explains Uwe Richter, Product Manager for Safety Technology, summarising the benefits of the new software.

Additionally, the RFID safety sensor offers a number of positives, even in the standard version: with its compact dimensions (40 x 18 x 30 mm), the RSS260 with matching sensor-target combination is suitable for mounting on aluminium profiles as well as for use on many other door formats such as the common perspex doors and panels. The sensor has both an AS-i-Safety-at-Work interface and an interface for the Schmersal SD bus. The serial diagnostic function (SD) enables series connection of up to 31 safety sensors and solenoid interlocks, as well as the transmission of non-safe diagnostic and status data for the connected devices.

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Ready for the US market— new AZM40 solenoid interlock with UL certification Smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world Wuppertal, 17 May 2021. The new compact AZM40 solenoid interlock now has UL certification, which means that it can be used in machinery and systems intended for the North American market. In addition, Schmersal has optimised the interlock as well as developed additional versions that incorporate specific customer requirements. 

The new development has generated considerable market interest thanks to its compact ‘on-trend’ dimensions. With dimensions of 119.5 x 40 x 20 mm, the AZM40 is the smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world. The AZM40 is the ideal safety solution for all machine builders looking for optimisation through miniaturisation, simplification and minimisation of materials. 

The compact AZM40 can also be installed easily in confined and hard-to-access areas thanks to 180° angular flexibility of the actuator. An added benefit is its universal use on rotary and sliding doors with a single design version.

New enclosure versions
The AZM40 solenoid interlock and actuator are available in two enclosure versions. For typical use in mechanical engineering, there are enclosures with a flat, screw-on surface for cylinder-head bolts. For visually improved installation and where space saving is a priority, there is a version with countersunk tapers for countersunk bolts.

Low-energy safety solution
The AZM40 operates to a bistable holding principle. This means that it maintains its locking position and securely holds the guard door in the event of power failure, thereby preventing hazardous run-on movements. In addition, energy consumption with the bistable principle is lower.

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Schmersal appoints new managing director for subsidiary in China Internationally experienced manager now heads Schmersal Industrial Switchgear Co. Ltd. in Shanghai Wuppertal / Shanghai, 18 March 2021. The Schmersal Group has appointed Michele Seassaro as the new managing director of Schmersal Industrial Switchgear Co. Ltd. in Shanghai. The 52-year-old has been managing Schmersal's Chinese subsidiary with around 150 employees since March 1, 2021.

Michele Seassaro was born in Milan, Italy, and has more than 20 years of international management experience, including in Europe, North Africa and Asia Pacific. Over the past ten years, he has held senior positions in various companies in the consumer goods and food industry in China. The entrepreneurial-minded manager has a law background as well as an EMBA degree from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and studied the Chinese language at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

“I would like to share with the Schmersal team my thorough management experience, which I have acquired in more than 20 years in various industries and countries. My goal is to actively contribute to long-term and sustainable revenue growth for Schmersal in China by strengthening the entrepreneurial spirit of the talented colleagues who are part of our skilled team in Shanghai,” explains Michele Seassaro.

In Schmersal’s production plant in Qingpu/Shanghai which is equipped with the latest eco-efficient technologies, the employees produce position and safety switches as well as lift switchgear for the Asian market. The R&D department in Qingpu qualifies existing products for customer specific requirements. In addition, Schmersal is present with many sales offices in the industrial centres of China.

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New safety module for sensorless standstill detection of drive systems Universal – compact design  Wuppertal, 20 January 2021. If a machine or system is expected to produce potentially hazardous overtravel movements, a combination of safety interlock on the guard and standstill monitor in the switch cabinet can provide the requisite level of safety. The SSW303HV is the Schmersal Group's latest sensorless standstill monitor, offering a significant improvement over its AZR and FWS series predecessors.

A key development goal was universal application of the new standstill monitor, which in total replaces fourteen variants of the previous product range. This is made possible thanks to use of a wide-range power supply for all common AC and DC operating voltages, from 24 V/DC / 24 V/AC to 230 V/AC. The increased temperature range of -25 to +55°C also opens up additional application potential.
A further benefit is its compact design – the SSW303HV takes up just 45 mm of structural width in the switch cabinet. The pluggable, coded connecting terminals ensure rapid, error-free installation, while an additional signalling contact provides information on the error status of the module.

As the standstill monitor operates entirely without sensors, the machine builder no longer needs to intervene with the ‘hardware’ of the surrounding structure. The safety module is connected directly to a three-phase motor and directly measures the frequency of the induced voltage, at rated motor voltages of up to 690 V. The safety contacts for releasing the locking mechanism close as soon as the motor comes to a standstill.
The SSW303HV can be used in safety circuits up to category 4/Performance Level e in accordance with EN 13849-1 and SIL 3 in accordance with EN IEC 61508, with all typical safety interlock designs from applicable manufacturers.

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New online shop for machine safety Schmersal launches user-friendly purchasing tool Malvern, Worcestershire, 18 January 2021.  The Schmersal Group now offers its customers in UK and Ireland a new webshop selling components for functional machine safety. The company has linked its popular and comprehensive online catalogue to an automated ordering and shipping process, creating a convenient and secure purchasing tool that is available to customers around the clock after registration.

Through the new Schmersal webshop, customers can purchase around 6,000 safety and automation products directly, from straightforward electro-mechanical safety switches to programmable safety control systems and software. Each product is accompanied by comprehensive and up-to-date product information that can be retrieved at any time. It also provides access to the operating instructions and certificates for components as well additional documents, which you can download. 

Prices are available on the Schmersal webshop after registration, together with current delivery times. Customers can switch between different payment methods. The Schmersal webshop has been designed to be both intuitive and user friendly.

‘By introducing the webshop, Schmersal is consolidating its position as an innovative, customer-focused and service-oriented company,’ explains Paul Kenney, Managing Director, Schmersal UK/IRL Ltd. ‘We want to support customers in the purchasing process and to ensure that they can get hold of the right Schmersal product at the right price quickly and easily.’ 

The webshop is available now at this link

Users must log in or register.

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Digital access control system for the retail trade New solution makes it easier to maintain 20 m2 limit Wuppertal, Germany, 1 December 2020.  Following the new German Federal/State resolutions of 25 November 2020 designed to contain the coronavirus, retail businesses with an area of more than 800 m2 will be permitted to allow only one-person entry for every 20 m2 of space. For smaller businesses, the limit is one customer for every 10 m2 of retail space. The new digital access control system from Schmersal makes it easier for retail businesses to adhere to the tighter coronavirus rules without the need for major staff increases. 

To be able to maintain the limit, access management is absolutely essential. ‘Schmersal Access Control’ (SAC-IO-20) is an intuitive traffic-light system with integrated counter that automatically counts the number of visitors entering a building. As soon as a maximum number of visitors has entered, a signal tone is sounded to indicate that the person who entered the building last must leave. In addition, the access possibilities are signalled by traffic light colours: with green meaning ‘please enter’ and red meaning ‘please wait’.  The system has already been successfully tested in the retail industry. 

Key elements of the system are an indicator light (green, yellow, red) with buzzer and a programmable safety relay module from the PROTECT SRB-E series from Schmersal. This module is normally used to monitor safety switchgear and achieves the maximum safety level in machine safety. 
The traffic-light system is quick and easy to install, requiring just a conventional 230 V socket; the counter also needs to be set. The system offers a standard version for up to 20 people, while versions for up to 200 people are available, and comprises industry-tested components. For user-friendly operation, the system incorporates command devices from the Schmersal N range, which are designed for maximum hygiene and easy cleaning.

 ‘Many businesses have developed creative makeshift solutions for access management, but they often require considerable staffing or in many cases even raise the risk of contagion,’ explains Ulrich Bernhardt, Sales Manager for Control Systems at the Schmersal Group. ‘By contrast, Schmersal Access Control is a simple system that can be operated with very little investment and few staff. We have put our experience in safety systems into the development of the system. For decades, Schmersal has been working to ensure that people are protected from health hazards in their working environment.’

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Schmersal presents prototype for wireless data transmission in heavy industry Innovative cloud study for large-scale conveyor system monitoring Wuppertal, 13 October 2020. In cooperation with aconno GmbH, the Schmersal Group has developed prototypes of an Industry 4.0 switch capable of wireless data transmission over distances of several kilometres for use with extended conveyor systems. The integrated wireless transmitter in the HDS series switches transmits status data for each individual switchgear unit via a common wireless mesh network to a cloud system. The prototypes are currently undergoing practical tests.

The new HDS switchgear series has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of the bulky goods industry. The switchgear unites a range of functions into a single platform, making it suitable for an extremely wide range of applications. Typical application areas include emergency-stop shutdown, belt misalignment monitoring in the transport of bulky materials, end position monitoring in steel making and level monitoring in material silos.

The emergency-stop and belt misalignment switches in the HDS series now accommodate wireless transmitters made by aconno, allowing diagnostic information to be transmitted from the switches more quickly and with much greater efficiency. The switches have been integrated into a mesh network to enable status data to be transmitted from one node to the next over distances of up to 250 metres. This in turn facilitates communication over several kilometres and will greatly simplify switchgear monitoring in large-scale conveyor systems in particular.

All switching operations can be monitored in real time and online via a web browser on a PC or smartphone. The data from the cloud can be transmitted directly to the control centre or a smartphone in the hands of maintenance and service technicians on site using the web interface or APP.
Malfunctions in conveyor systems are recorded in the cloud immediately and actuated switchgear units can be uniquely assigned, despite their series connection, allowing for rapid troubleshooting by maintenance personnel. The development makes lengthy searches for faults in conveyor system command and operating chains a thing of the past, minimising the disruption caused by production outages and raising machine availability.

Furthermore, depending on the distance and the environmental conditions of larger conveyor systems, the investment costs for this Bluetooth solution with a wireless mesh network are only a fraction of the system costs of conventional fieldbus systems with decentralised structures.

The German start-up aconno develops customer-specific hardware, Bluetooth and sensor solutions, including Bluetooth chips and a development platform for individual Industry 4.0 applications. The Schmersal Group owns 26% of aconno GmbH.

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Schmersal India pushes export activities and opens new “Export Oriented Unit” in its Ranjangaon factory Ambitious expansion goals for Indian production site within the international Schmersal network Wuppertal/ Ranjangaon, August 24th, 2020. The youngest production site of the Schmersal group, located in Ranjangaon/ Pune, has written a real success story in the last eight years. Established in 2012/ 2013 with the main goal to provide the Global Players of mechanical engineering with safety switches and safety systems for their local production sites and service units, Schmersal India Pvt. Ltd. has achieved a constant growth and currently employs a staff of 60 colleagues, producing several series of electro-mechanical safety switches for local use and for export.

Within the next few years, export activities shall be expanded in a large extent. The first step for this aim has been taken: Schmersal has just opened a new “Export Oriented Unit” in its factory. The EOU scheme of the Indian government was established to promote export activities by granting a variety of (mostly tax-related) advantages. Schmersal India does already benefit from these advantages because in 2018, a first EOU was established – on a more or less humble basis.

Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director of Schmersal India: “We started with a single production line in a confined area of 221 sqm. But no later that one year we added two more production lines.” Now lines 4 and 5 are on the horizon, and the business development plans include a rapid growth of export. The room for the realization of these plans is available: With the E-Inauguration Ceremony of its enhanced Export Oriented Unit on an area of nearly 1,000 sqm, every year two or three new production lines shall be added.

This plan is ambitious and at the same time realistic. Sagar Bhosale: “We are confident that we will use the full space very soon because we are able to produce safety devices in highest quality at a competitive price – and the international Schmersal network opens up the channels to address demanding customers world-wide.”

During the online opening ceremony, greetings from the German Consul General of India, Dr. Juergen Morhard, were transmitted. Philip Schmersal, Managing Director of the Schmersal Group, transmitted his best wishes from the German headquarter and emphasized the importance of an export-oriented Indian factory within the footprint of Schmersal´s production sites: “The inauguration of the Export Oriented Unit that we celebrate today brings together German products, Indian craftsmanship, high quality and competitive prices and contributes to the economical success of the entire Schmersal group. We create new jobs in India, we fill the factory and we produce competitive products to highest quality standards.”

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Schmersal produces Bluetooth modules for aconno Far-reaching cooperation in wireless communication for safety switchgear Wuppertal, 30 July 2020 The Schmersal Group’s Wettenberg production site in the German state of Hesse has begun production of wireless modules for aconno GmbH. aconno, a young start-up based in Düsseldorf, Germany, develops Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 solutions including Bluetooth and sensor modules and development kits. Its users include companies in the automation industry, as well as the buildings and property industries. Schmersal acquired a share of 26 percent in aconno GmbH in April 2020.

Part of the work in Wettenberg includes the assembly of circuit boards for aconno on the SMD line. The SMD line is a state-of-the-art assembly line for circuit boards, which was modernised by Schmersal only two years ago and which can now handle up to 60,000 components every hour. ‘The first production batches for aconno have yielded convincing results. We are also pleased that we can better utilise the capacity of our assembly system,’ explains Dittmar Ruehl, deputy plant manager at Schmersal in Wettenberg. ‘In the future, we plan to start producing the entire portfolio for aconno in Wettenberg.’

Among the products currently been produced are circuit boards for aconno’s ACN52832 Bluetooth module, which can be used for IoT devices and features modest dimensions, low power consumption and long wireless range.

‘Our strength lies in the development and design of products and modules, less in production engineering. We’re now benefiting from Schmersal’s lengthy production expertise.
 And we can already say that production in Wettenberg has not only helped to improve the quality of our modules but has improved our economic competitiveness with “Made in Germany”,’ explains aconno founder Thomas Hollwedel.

Schmersal and aconno also intend to deepen their development cooperation. It was Schmersal’s declared aim to introduce more innovative solutions in wireless communication for safety switchgear to the market through its involvement with aconno GmbH. Bluetooth technology will help to update safety switches and sensors from Schmersal for Industry 4.0 applications. One joint development project currently underway is a Bluetooth-capable, efficient safety system for conveyor systems in heavy industry.

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Real-time consultation while browsing the online catalogue Schmersal enhancing user friendliness with new live chat feature Wuppertal, 24. April 2020. Users of Schmersal’s new online product catalogue now have the option to contact specialists in the technology customer service team in real time for individual consultation and advice. Anyone visiting the website can open a live chat window in the side toolbar and chat with an experienced sales professional at Schmersal. The live chat feature is a convenient and fast way for users to seek product information and ask questions about use and logistics handling.The live chat is available to German-speaking users of the website during normal business hours, 8 am to 4 pm. Through the online product catalogue, Schmersal is showcasing more than 7000 safety and automation products, from straightforward electro-mechanical safety switches to programmable safety control systems and software. The catalogue also includes switchgear for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and components for lift technology. 
Users of the online catalogue can also save selected products with the aid of the watchlist function and request price information and additional information for products by sending an e-mail to the sales teams at the respective Schmersal national organisations. 

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