Schmersal RSS-Feed Schmersal RSS-Feed de Schmersal RSS-Feed 18 16 Schmersal RSS-Feed TYPO3 - get.content.right System solutions for machinery safety /en/press/press-releases/detail/system-solutions-for-machinery-safety-9233 Schmersal to showcase application-specific safety concepts at SPS Wuppertal, 14 September 2022.  Whether safety solutions for new machinery and systems or a safety retrofit on older machinery, safety concepts need to be both flexible and efficient whilst helping to achieve greater productivity. At SPS in Nuremberg, the Schmersal Group will be showcasing a range of new products as well as intelligent package solutions for machinery safety that are designed to be adaptable to individual applications and to meet new standard requirements. 

New evaluation logics – for example for wind turbines
Schmersal will be introducing new versions of its multifunctional SRB-E series of safety relay modules at SPS. The SRB-E series, as well as the PROTECT SELECT safety compact control unit, combines maximum safety with straightforward usability and a high level of flexibility. They are therefore ideally suited for elevators in wind turbines that fall under Machinery Directive (MD) and that are now subject to new safety requirements due to changes in the EN 81-44 standard. An important new demand is that the safety-related parts of the control unit must now satisfy PL d in accordance with EN ISO 13849-1. Both the SRB-E product series and the PROTECT SELECT are capable of achieving this safety level. Combined with position switches and other safety components from Schmersal, these products can accomplish functions such as lift door monitoring in wind turbines, overload protection, direction monitoring and operate as limit stops.

Safety Fieldbox reduces installation effort
Schmersal will also be showcasing an overhauled version of its Safety Fieldbox at SPS for the first time. The Safety Fieldbox allows different safety switchgear – from solenoid interlocks to safety sensors and safety light barriers – to be decentrally connected and freely linked in the field. Unique to the device is the ability to connect up to four control panels with EMERGENCY STOP buttons and as many as three non-failsafe command and signalling devices. This simplifies the wiring effort required of users, minimises installation effort and enables wide-ranging diagnostics functions.

A perfect combination for retrofits
Schmersal will also be using SPS as an opportunity to present innovative interlocks, such as the AZM161 and AZM300, as well as control panels, such as the BDF200, and new versions of evaluation logics, such as the SRB-E-402FWS safety relay module. Combining these components gives users the perfect out-of-the-box solution for older machinery, allowing them guard against hazardous run-on movements on rotary machinery. The SRB-E-402FWS safety relay module combines the functions of failsafe two-channel time monitoring with failsafe two-channel guard door monitoring in a single device. The protective door is locked by a safety locking device, such as the electromechanical solenoid interlock AZM161 or the electronic solenoid interlock AZM300 with a safety-enhanced RFID sensor. A BDF200 operating unit is the control unit and third component in the retrofit package solutions. Thanks to its compact size, the assembly can be mounted directly to the guard door.

Visit Schmersal at SPS – Smart Production Solutions – stand 460, hall 9 between 8 and 10 November 2022.

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Condition monitoring solutions for bulk material conveyor systems /en/press/press-releases/detail/condition-monitoring-solutions-for-bulk-material-conveyor-systems-9227 Schmersal and ROXON to showcase new online monitoring system for conveyor systems at bauma 2022 Wuppertal, 8 September 2022. For operators of conveyor systems, process protection is just as important as personal protection. The Schmersal Group will be demonstrating its solutions for condition monitoring and safe and efficient operation of conveyor systems at bauma 2022. The HX170, a new online belt monitoring system for conveyor systems developed by Schmersal’s system partner ROXON, will be presented at stand C2.311 in hall C2 for the first time. 

The HX170 allows conveyor belts to be permanently monitored and damages, such as cracks, holes, and edge damage, to be detected early on so that these can be rectified by maintenance teams, thus helping to prevent more severe damage. The benefit: system availability is significantly increased. Especially for conveyor systems that are critical to downstream production, condition monitoring is critical to maintaining production levels and throughput.
The HX170 is based on optical 3D belt surface sampling in real time, which is capable of detecting all types of damage. The innovative and compact system is specially designed for short conveyor belts with increased wear. Used in conjunction with the integrated belt thickness measurement, the system enables efficient maintenance and helps to extend service life. 

Belt misalignment switch for process protection
Belt misalignment switches are also useful for process protection and monitor the straight-line motion of conveyor systems. Uneven loads can cause position deviations, which in extreme cases can cause damage and material spillage. To prevent this from happening, belt misalignment switches send a tiered signal when position deviations are detected on the conveyor belt. While the pre-warning signal is used to draw attention to the need for belt correction, the stop signal warns of the need to shut the system down.  

With the modular HDS series from Schmersal, the two functions of the belt misalignment switch and an emergency stop, designed as a pull-wire emergency-stop switch, are integrated into one hardware platform. This makes the HDS series particularly flexible, allowing it to be used for a wide range of possible applications. Switches in the HDS series can be optionally connected to the Dupline installation bus, allowing them to be connected in series and thus enabling easier transmission of diagnosis data. The transmission of status information allows anomalies to be identified and faults to be rectified more quickly, in turn reducing downtime.

Visit Schmersal at bauma in Munich, stand C2.311, hall C2 from 24 to 30 October 2022.

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Advancetec Oy becomes Schmersal Finland Oy /en/press/press-releases/detail/advancetec-oy-becomes-schmersal-finland-oy-9212 Schmersal's Finnish subsidiary operates under a new name Wuppertal / Helsinki, 1. September 2022. Schmersal's Finnish subsidiary, Advancetec Oy, now operates under the new name Schmersal Finland Oy.
Advancetec Oy was founded in 1993 in Helsinki as a sales company for automation technology. The Schmersal Group entered into a sales cooperation with Advancetec almost 30 years ago and finally acquired the company as a 100 percent subsidiary in 2019. In the context of this long-term partnership, Advancetec has developed into a reliable specialist for machine safety.

Schmersal Finland Oy sells products from the Schmersal portfolio and the safety services of Schmersal’s services division under the brand name tec.nicum primarily in Finland and Estonia. Customers include well-known companies from the sectors paper manufacturing, food processing, robotics, marine industry and heavy industry.

“The new name will make it easier for us to increase the visibility of the Schmersal brand in Finland. In the future we would like to expand our product range and to develop new projects in cooperation with engineering and consulting companies”, says Jukka Harmoinen Managing Director of Schmersal Finland Oy. "Our goal is to sustain our long-lasting customer relationships and also to win new major customers".


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Anton Ivanov is the new industry manager for food and packaging at Schmersal /en/press/press-releases/detail/default-13422daf9f-9171 Wuppertal, 12 July 2022. The Schmersal Group has named Anton Ivanov as the new industry... Wuppertal, 12 July 2022.  The Schmersal Group has named Anton Ivanov as the new industry manager for food, beverages, medicine, and packaging. In this position, his tasks include supporting and consulting our customers at home and abroad. In addition, he will also be responsible for the development of new products and maintenance of the existing product ranges tailored to this particular field. The Schmersal Group has developed a dedicated, wide-ranging series of products to satisfy the specific requirements of these sectors, especially its stringent hygiene needs. 

Anton Ivanov is a TÜV Rheinland-certified Functional Safety Engineer and began his career in industrial automation as a sales manager for a company in St. Petersburg, Russia. He has more than ten years of professional experience in B2B sales and marketing. Most recently, he worked for the German subsidiary of a globally operating company where he was responsible for the launch of a new sales strategy that gave rise to considerable growth in turnover.

‘Schmersal is a very customer-oriented business that enjoys a fantastic reputation in the food and packaging industries as well as in pharmaceuticals. This is thanks to its customised safety systems and application-specific solutions. As such, I’m very much looking forward to the new challenges that this role will bring,’ explains Anton Ivanov. ‘My primary goal will be to expand existing cooperative arrangements and our strong market position. I see great potential for Schmersal, particularly in networking and system solutions.’

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Now with new accessories – slimline AZM150 solenoid interlock /en/press/press-releases/detail/now-with-new-accessories-slimline-azm150-solenoid-interlock-9134 The DHS-150 door handle system is especially suited to heavy swing doors Wuppertal, 19 May 2022.  With the new practical DHS-150 door handle system, the slimline AZM150 solenoid interlock from Schmersal is now even easier to use. The ergonomic DHS-150 avoids the need for a separate door handle and is suitable for machine enclosures or fencing and for all standard aluminium profiles with a width of 40 mm. The robust door bolt is particularly useful on heavy swing doors and in for use in harsh environments. 

One benefit of the new accessory is that the actuator is pre-positioned by the bolt in the DHS system, thus ensuring its optimal insertion into the device. This gives the system stability against lateral forces. In the event of lateral forces on interlocks that cannot be overcome, the safety door will not be opened – thus causing delays in the production process. In this regard, the DHS-150 door handle system, in conjunction with the AZM150 solenoid interlock, contributes to improved system availability. 

In addition, the DHS-150 door handle system is also equipped with an integrated locking device (LOTO). This locking tag function protects operating staff from mistakenly being locked inside larger, walk-in systems and machines while they are performing servicing and repair work. The locking device ensures that the door of the protective device cannot be closed and unintentional machine start-up is prevented.

The AZM150 solenoid interlock has an interlocking force of 1500 Newtons and is characterised by a slimline, space-saving design. In addition, it can be combined with three different actuators for different attachment situations. A positive of the interlock is the rotating actuator head which can be locked with ease by simple placement on the cover, rather than being bolted into place. The rotating actuator head with its two insertion slots enables various installation positions and actuating options and makes the interlock particularly versatile in use.

The AZM150 solenoid interlock is electromechanical in design and can be combined with a high safety standard: the interlock is supplied with a low coding level as standard, or optionally with a high coding level in accordance with ISO 14119. The DHS-150 door handle system can be used with the B1 straight actuator for the standard version as well as for the individually coded version. The B1 actuator is supplied with the high coding level version of the device, but must be ordered separately for use with the standard version.

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Condition monitoring for conveyor systems /en/press/press-releases/detail/condition-monitoring-for-conveyor-systems-9106 Schmersal to showcase systems for reliable and efficient monitoring of bulky goods conveyors at... Wuppertal, 3 May 2022. The Schmersal Group will use SOLIDS 2022 to showcase a number of innovative systems for safe and efficient design of bulky goods conveyors using a demo conveyor system. One particular solution will be Schmersal’s option for condition monitoring – the capture and evaluation of process and diagnosis data from system components to enable predictive maintenance, to increase availability and to ensure the conveyor system’s efficient operation.
The HX270, a new online monitoring system for conveyors from Schmersal’s system partner ROXON, will be on display at stand K22 in hall 5.  

Systems for machine and personal protection
Schmersal’s systems help to safeguard the safety of people and processes, and in some cases with just a single device. The modular HDS series offers a number of functions in a single device platform – an emergency stop as an emergency pull-wire, and belt misalignment monitoring, which constitutes a key element in conveyor system process protection. Switches in the HDS series can be optionally connected to the Dupline installation bus allowing them to be connected in series and thus enabling better transmission of diagnosis data. The transmission of status information allows anomalies to be identified and faults to be rectified more quickly, in turn reducing downtime. Schmersal is currently testing a prototype HDS switch with integrated wireless element for the wireless transmission of status information over large distances.

Systems for plant and investment protection
Conveyor belt monitoring systems help to boost the availability of a system. In additional to proprietary components and systems designed to boost machine safety, Schmersal is now able to offer an online monitoring system for existing or new conveyor systems through its system partner ROXON. The HX270 enables optical 3D belt surface sampling in real time both for the material side and running side of the conveyor belt. With high-speed precision scanning using novel 3D image analysis algorithms, the system can detect any change or damage to the belt surface fully automatically, 24 hours a day. In addition, optional belt thickness measurement gives the system a full-fledged condition monitoring solution for smart maintenance and servicing.  This helps to lower process costs and the costs incurred during production downtime.

Systems for material and quality monitoring
The elementary composition of bulky goods can be determined online and in real time while on the conveyor belt on the basis of a PGNAA analysis. This measuring process helps the coal, cement, mineral and steel industries to sustainably improve their processes and overall quality assurance.

Visit Schmersal at SOLIDS 2022 in Dortmund (Germany) on 22 and 23 June 2022: Stand K 22, Hall 5

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Robots can now use lifts independently /en/press/press-releases/detail/robots-can-now-use-lifts-independently-9096 Schmersal Böhnke + Partner to showcase new software API for service robots at interlift 2022 Bergisch Gladbach/Augsburg, 26 April 2022. The corona pandemic requires compliance with distance rules and the general shortage of staff creative automation solutions. Therefore, an increasing number of hotels and hospitals are now turning to service robots. Working in conjunction with Robotise AG, manufacturer of the service robot ‘Jeeves’, Schmersal Böhnke + Partner has now developed a software API (Application Programming Interface) that will allow Jeeves robots to use the lifts in hotels and other facilities fully independently. 
Schmersal Böhnke + Partner will be showcasing the new software at interlift 2022 in Augsburg. 

Robots undertake room service tasks in hotels, bringing guests chilled drinks, snacks and other items, or deliver warm meals to patients in hospitals. The new software API will allow service robots to use lifts independently, which significantly expands their range of movement in the various facilities.

The lift control software API communicates directly with the Jeeves Android cloud. If the Jeeves robot wants to use a lift, it is able to select a lift directly or request a lift within a lift group that is optimal for its particular use. The lift control then puts a lift car in priority mode for the Jeeves robot on the starting floor. Thanks to permanent communication with the lift control, the service robot is always aware of which lift car is available to it with its doors open for access. Once the robot has entered the lift car, the lift control knows which floor has been selected, and moves the lift car directly to that floor without stopping on other levels in between.
In situations in which a lift is unavailable for transport, perhaps due to maintenance work or temporary faults, this will be communicated to the service robot in real time, whereupon the service robot will leave the lift car in order to seek out an alternative.

Fire safety has also been built into the system: thanks to the flexibility of cloud communication in conjunction with the lift control, the robot is capable of dynamically adapting to the hotel’s fire safety concept. Operating states are forwarded to the service robot via the lift control, thus keeping the service robot informed of an ongoing fire evacuation. In that case, an automatic decision will be made – based on the instructions of the local fire service – as to whether the robot may enter the lift car or remain in the lift car.

‘Our development teams have created a very flexible piece of software that allows lift controls from Böhnke + Partner dating back to the early 2000s to be retrofitted with this software API,’ explains Dr. Andreas Hunscher, Head of Lift Business at the Schmersal Group. ‘As such, there are more than 30,000 lift controls currently in operation that can be equipped with this option. This really opens up the field of application for Jeeves robots.’
The International Federation of Robotics estimates that 2023 will see sales of professional service robots rise by 31 per cent to 537,000 units.

Visit Schmersal Böhnke + Partner between 26 and 29 April at interlift in Augsburg:  Stand 1053, Hall 1

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Schmersal Böhnke + Partner and View Elevator agree sales cooperation /en/press/press-releases/detail/schmersal-boehnke-partner-and-view-elevator-agree-a-sales-cooperation-9088 The new partners will showcase their innovative lift systems for the first time at interlift 2022 Bergisch Gladbach/Friedburg, 13 April 2022. Schmersal Böhnke + Partner and Austrian start-up View Elevator have agreed to cooperate on global sales of their products to the lift industry. The two companies have also announced their intention to work together on the further development of lift systems, with a particular focus on digitalisation. Schmersal Böhnke + Partner and View Elevator will jointly showcase their products and innovations at interlift 2022: Stand 1053, Hall 1.

Schmersal Böhnke + Partner of Bergisch Gladbach develops, designs and manufactures components, control systems and remote diagnostics systems for the lift industry.
The Austrian start-up View Elevator specialises in the development of digital systems for lift management and safe, barrier-free use of lifts.

‘View Elevator’s product range is an ideal addition to the range from Schmersal Böhnke + Partner. We believe that the cooperation agreement will see an innovation boost in the development of digital systems for lift technology,’ explains Dr Andreas Hunscher, Head of Lift Business at the Schmersal Group. ‘Digitalisation of lift technology offers extraordinary market potential, as it enables operators to improve the efficiency of their lifts, which in some cases are decades old and need multiple retrofits.’
‘We develop smart, manufacturer-independent technologies than can be used on all lift systems universally. These technologies help to improve safety for lift users, reduce effort and expense for operators and optimise the lifecycle costs of systems,’ explains Johannes Schober, CEO and founder of View Elevator. ‘The partnership with Böhnke + Partner, part of the global Schmersal Group, gives us the opportunity to drive the internationalization of our business model.’ 

At interlift, Schmersal Böhnke + Partner will be showcasing new concepts for lifts that do not need a machine house as well as a newly developed software API, which in conjunction with the bp408 control module, allows Jeeves service robots to use lifts independently.
View Elevator will be showcasing products including VIEW Liftbook, the independent digital lift book, as well as VIEW II, a multimedia safety system for lifts, and VIEW Sense, the first safety monitoring system for lifts to be supported by AI.

Visit Schmersal Böhnke + Partner and View Elevator between 26 and 29 April 2022 at interlift in Augsburg: Stand 1053, Hall 1

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Schmersal stops supply to Russia /en/press/press-releases/detail/schmersal-stops-supply-to-russia-9057 Wuppertal, 7. March 2022. The management of the Schmersal Group has instructed the sales partner... Wuppertal, 7. March 2022. The management of the Schmersal Group has instructed the sales partner for Russia to stop the supply of safety switchgear and systems to the customers located in Russia. 
Managing Director Philip Schmersal: "In the past, we have worked together with our customers in Russia in a trusting manner via our sales partner. The step of discontinuing this cooperation for the time being is not easy for us, especially since it means foregoing a sales volume that is noticeable. But we see the need to take a stand. We do not want to contribute to the economy and production of a country that disregards the sovereignty of another country and brings great suffering to its people. And we are appalled that this is happening now in Europe. I think I speak not only for the management, but for the entire workforce of the Schmersal Group." 

In Russia, the Schmersal Group has supplied both leading companies in the machinery manufacturing industry and the end users of machinery and equipment in various industries - from raw material extraction to the consumer goods industry and automotive production. This cooperation is now being suspended. The economic sanctions imposed by the German mechanical engineering industry have strengthened our decision.


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Marcel Bogusch is now logistics industry manager at Schmersal /en/press/press-releases/detail/marcel-bogusch-is-now-logistics-industry-manager-at-schmersal-9046 The Schmersal Group is seeking to expand its market presence in logistics Wuppertal 1. March 2022. Since the start of the year, Marcel Bogusch has been industry manager for the logistics division of the Schmersal Group. With this new addition, the company hopes to further expand its market presence in this promising industry, and to increase turnover and growth. 

Marcel Bogusch was previously employed by a renowned manufacturer operating in logistics and automation as a product manager, with responsibility for the launch of safe robot systems and new control system generations. His strengths include solid technical competence in all matters relating to the Machinery Directive. 

Schmersal not only has a comprehensive range of safety switchgear devices, but also complete logistics solutions with carefully coordinated safety components. This allows Schmersal’s safety solutions to be optimally adapted to the divergent applications in the logistics field. A positive in terms of the application-specific challenges in logistics:  extensive systems that require intelligent networking concepts and high rates of turnover that impose correspondingly high demands on the failsafe performance of systems.

‘I am delighted to be a part of the Schmersal team. I would like to put my previous professional experience to good use and to develop this target segment and raise awareness of the benefits of Schmersal’s systems and solutions for logistics applications,’ says Marcel Bogusch. ‘Our objective is also to develop additional innovative, industry-specific safety solutions.’


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