Schmersal RSS-Feed Schmersal RSS-Feed de Schmersal RSS-Feed 18 16 Schmersal RSS-Feed TYPO3 - get.content.right Schmersal receives "Best Managed Company 2023" award Wuppertal, 26 May 2023. The Schmersal Group is a winner of the "Best Managed Companies Award 2023".... Wuppertal, 26 May 2023. The Schmersal Group is a winner of the "Best Managed Companies Award 2023". This award is presented by the consulting and auditing company Deloitte Private, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the BDI (Federation of German Industries). The award is given to excellently managed medium-sized companies that convince in four management areas: Strategy, Productivity & Innovation, Culture & Commitment and Governance & Finance.
For the Schmersal Group, this award is cause for great joy, but also confirmation of the continuous further development of the company's internal processes. Managing Director Philip Schmersal: "Based on our core values, we are constantly adapting our management processes to growth. In doing so, we follow the goal of being very systematic in all management decisions and taking into account as many factors as possible, while maintaining a high degree of agility. This enables us to make decisions very quickly and at the same time in a well-founded manner, with a clear head, even in the face of an ever-increasing speed of change and unforeseen events. In addition, we plan for the long term and in line with our corporate governance, which also takes into account the impact of our activities on society and the environment." 
It is precisely such principles that qualify companies for this award. "A Best Managed Company like Schmersal is characterized by a forward-looking strategy, high productivity and a pronounced culture of innovation, as well as value-oriented corporate governance," explains Dr. Christine Wolter, partner and head of Deloitte Private. 

Markus Seiz, Best Managed Company Program Leader and Director at Deloitte Private, adds: "Best Managed Companies are a strong and supporting pillar of our economy. They are innovation drivers and at the same time 'keepers of the flame' in the sense of sustainable corporate management. Such strong companies think in generations and not in quarters, which is why they deserve an award." 
Schmersal is also pleased about the award, which was presented on May 25 in Düsseldorf, because it increases the visibility of the employer brand. Philip Schmersal: "We are growing continuously and are therefore always on the lookout for employees who share our values and would like to work with us in an innovative company for the safety of people and machines. When we receive an award from a globally renowned consulting firm for exemplary management culture and good corporate governance, it enhances our reputation in the competition for good employees.

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Tubular bag machine for packaging confectionery products Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH presents its VPC-H 250 model – equipped for the first time with the... Wuppertal, 14 March 2023. The Schmersal Group and Wolf Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH will be jointly presenting an innovative packaging machine for the food industry for the first time at the Hannover Messe 2023 in Hall 09, Stand D09: The VPC-H 250 tubular bag machine has been specially developed for the packaging of confectionery and is equipped with the latest safety technology from Schmersal.

Gentle on the product and efficient – tubular bag machine from Wolf
The tubular bag machine is designed to package confectionery, cereals, snacks, frozen goods and sticks in bags made from thermoplastic films and laminated films in bag widths ranging from 50 to 250 mm. The VPC-H 250 is a high-performance machine with a low drop height, reaching speeds of up to 200 bags per minute.
A maximum of 100 programs can be installed for the machine’s PLC control system. Production parameters can be controlled using the colour touch panel. The machine works through the individual process steps, from feeding in the wrapping material to forming the bag, sealing the seams and filling, with high precision, whilst also going gentle on the product itself.  Photoelectric cell control is used to ensure precise positioning of the printed wrapping material. Another benefit is machine handling, with convenience features including quick and easy format changes.

Innovative and hygienic – safety technology from Schmersal
The AZM300 solenoid interlock was installed on the compact VPC-H 250 machine, which requires only a small footprint. Solenoid interlocks are used to monitor the position of guard doors and to prevent the door from being opened until hazardous machine movements have ceased. Guard doors are also used on the VPC-H 250 to protect the safety of operating personnel. 
The AZM300 RFID solenoid interlock from Schmersal is popular in the food and packaging industries because of its hygienic design and IP69 protection class. The AZM 300’s features include the patented operating principle with a hub and cross-head. It allows the guard door to be held virtually without play when closed. The RFID sensor enables maximum tamper protection in accordance with ISO 14119.

Emergency-stop buttons and illuminated pushbuttons from Schmersal’s new H series are used at the human-machine interface. The H series from Schmersal is a full range of command and signalling devices for hygiene-sensitive applications, particularly food processing. The new H series is consistent with the ‘hygienic design’ principle of design as well as the requirements of the new EN 1672-2 standard and Regulation 10/2011/EU. A total of 147 different devices are available, including 26 mushroom pushbuttons, 24 selector switches and four potentiometer-rotary switches.

The signals from the solenoid interlocks and emergency-stop devices are evaluated by the SRB-E-204-PE and SRB-E-322ST safety relay modules from Schmersal, which are both multifunctional and easy to configure and, with their slimline design, are easy to install in the retractable control cabinet of the VPC-H 250. 

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Hygienic, safe and high performing Schmersal at interpack 2023 – new safety and automation solutions for the packaging industry  Wuppertal, 5 April 2023.  Packaging and process solutions for companies operating in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics will once again be the focal point of this year’s interpack. In Hall 18 / D15, the Schmersal Group will be presenting new products and innovative safety solutions that meet the central requirements of this industry: hygienic design and high plant availability.

New command device series for food-processing machinery 
The H series from Schmersal will be showcased at interpack 2023 as a full range of command and signalling devices for hygiene-sensitive applications, particularly food processing. The new H range not only meets the requirements of the new standards for these applications and the ‘hygienic design’ construction principle but is fully modular as well. A total of 147 different devices are available, including 26 mushroom pushbuttons, 24 selector switches and four potentiometer-rotary switches.

New compact safety light barriers for the packaging and food-processing industries
Schmersal has developed the new SLB440 series safety light barriers for hygiene-sensitive applications in the packaging and food-processing industries. With a diameter of 62 mm and a height of 115 mm, the light barriers in the SLB series are extremely compact and achieve protection class IP69. The sealing caps on the SLB440 are made from stainless steel (V4A), while the transparent protective tube is made from robust polycarbonate (PC).

AZM300 solenoid interlock with a hygienic design
The AZM300 RFID solenoid interlock has also been designed according to hygienic design principles. The AZM300 with protection class IP69 is an innovative safety interlock that finds particular use in the food-processing and packaging industries. The AZM 300’s features include the patented operating principle with a rotating shaft and star handle. It allows the safety door to be held virtually without play when closed. An RFID sensor is used to identify the actuator reliably, thus providing three different code levels and, consequently, protection against tampering. 

The smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world: AZM40
With dimensions of 119.5 x 40 x 20 mm, the AZM40 is the smallest electronic solenoid interlock in the world. With these compact dimensions, the AZM40 is particularly suitable for installation on machinery equipped with small flaps or rotating/sliding doors. Due to extensive integrated monitoring functions, the AZM40 can be switched in series with all other electronic safety switchgear from Schmersal. This makes monitoring multiple safety doors in a single system much easier and more cost effective. The AZM40 is especially suited to use on packaging machinery and in complex packaging lines. 

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New ToF camera for automation technology Schmersal to showcase Time-of-Flight technology for the first time at Hannover Messe 2023 Wuppertal, 28 March 2023.  At the Hannover Messe 2023, the Schmersal Group will present for the first time a 3D camera for the automated acquisition of digital process data in real time in Hall 09, Stand D09. The AM-T100 is a Time-of-Flight camera (ToF), which uses a Sony DepthSense™ sensor to create 3D depth images with millimetre accuracy. The camera uses ToF technology, i.e., runtime measurement of emitted light pulses in the infrared range (850 Nm), which are reflected off the objects being captured. This enables high-speed creation of a 3D image of the scene with millimetre accuracy that is available as a point cloud.

The high image rate of up to 60 fps allows efficient use in industrial manufacturing processes as well as in logistics and robotics. The camera can be used for tasks such as packaging support, box filling, stacking, volume detection and labelling in logistics and packaging as a means of boosting the efficiency and accuracy of processes.
The camera is also capable of ‘looking into’ containers or large load carriers to detect their current fill level. In addition, the camera facilitates volume determination of general cargo and birds-eye monitoring of staging areas in production, assembly, storage and order picking. Other uses include the capture of dimensions and surface quality. With high-performance IR illumination and an image resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the AM-T100 achieves a visual range of 67° x 51° at a range of 6 metres.

The image data are made available over the standardised GenICam data interface and can be edited with common image processing software. An Ethernet interface enables rapid and comprehensive data transmission, as well as a 24 V power supply if required (Power over Ethernet).

Pre-installed configuration software 
The AM-T100 comes pre-installed with the CONSAM-T configuration software. This software allows the camera to be configured to monitor complex and individually defined 3D zones. If it detects an object within the zone, it will switch digital outputs. In addition, digital inputs allow for switching back and forth between different 3D zones. An integrated SDK (software development kit) offers support to software developers and system integrators with software configuration and application creation.

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HX170: 24/7 belt condition monitoring Schmersal to showcase online condition monitoring for conveyor belts at SOLIDS 2023 Wuppertal 9 March 2023. Schmersal will present a fully automated online condition monitoring system for conveyor belts through its system partner ROXON at SOLIDS 2023. The system can be found at stand K 11 in hall 5. The HX170 is based on optical condition monitoring of the surface profile, which detects all potential damage to joints, as well as longitudinal slits, cracks and holes in the surface of the conveyor belt.  With the reverse drum as a reference, wear can also be determined by permanent belt thickness measurement. 24/7 monitoring of the belt condition allows preventive maintenance measures to be taken early on, thereby avoiding unscheduled maintenance, downtime and halts to production. 

The HX170 is easy to install over the reverse drum, on both new and existing conveyor systems, with no need for additional structural changes. The system is integrated into the local automation system via floating relay contacts. In addition, for pending alarms, the user can access detailed information about the damage in the form of a 3D image of the surface of the belt through the user interface. 

The HX170 system is suitable for use on all flat textile and steel-wire belts, irrespective of the manufacturer, including those used in mining, ports, cement and steel works and energy plants. The system adapts automatically to new conveyor belts and to systems already in use. If wear or damage is detected, the belts can be moved automatically to pre-defined repair stations for closer inspection. 

‘When conveyor belts experience problems, it’s often already too late. The fully automated HX170 condition monitoring system allows preventive maintenance measures to be taken promptly, thereby reducing unscheduled downtime,’ explains Heiko Bach, Business Development Manager for Heavy Industry at the Schmersal Group. 

Visit us at SOLIDS in Dortmund on 29 and 30 March 2023: stand K 11, hall 5.

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New compact safety light barriers for the food processing industry SLB440 series now in hygienic design with IP69 degree of protection Wuppertal, 20 February 2023.  Schmersal has developed a new series of safety light barriers that are suitable for hygiene-sensitive applications in the packaging and food-processing industries, such as milk and meat processing. With a diameter of 62 mm and a height of 115 mm, the single-beam light barriers in the SLB series are extremely compact. This makes them ideal for thermoforming machinery for food packaging, for use on cutting equipment or on other machinery with narrow installation spaces.  

SLB440 light barriers with IP69 degree of protection
SLB440 light barriers have been designed along the lines of the SLC/SLG440 IP69 safety light curtains and grids, which have been widely used in the food-processing and packaging industries for years. The new single-beam light barriers have been designed to cope with the high levels of stress placed upon them by the cleaning processes that are commonplace to these industries.

Thanks to a sophisticated, detailed design, the SLB440 series achieves IP69 degree of protection and is thus protected against ingress of water during close-range high-pressure and high-temperature spray downs. This means that the external and internal seals on this contactless active protective device (AOPD) meet very strict requirements and are able to withstand frequent cleaning with alkali solutions, foam, hot steam or high-pressure jets. 

Stainless steel locking caps – PC safety tubes
The new AOPD product line has also been created based on the principles of hygienic design. The locking caps on the SLB440 are made of stainless steel (V4A) as are the cable inlet, pressure equalisation diaphragm and fastening parts. Made of polycarbonate (PC), the transparent protective tubes not only offer high resistance to cleaning agents, but also withstand strong mechanical loads. If spray lances should accidentally strike the SLC440 IP69’s enclosure during pressure washing in food production, the safety and protection function will continue to work thanks to the robust protective tubes. The materials thus ensure higher process reliability as well as a lengthy safety light barrier service life. The independent testing laboratory Ecolab has also verified the high resistance of the materials used in these components.

Integrated evaluation
The AOPD series features integrated evaluation with two safety outputs that are connected directly to the higher-level control system. Additional features of this AOPD  series are the integrated setup aid and straightforward connection option with M12 connector (4-pole or 5-pole). The SLB440 light barrier achieves Performance Level PLe, type 4.

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Innovative solutions for machine safety – advantages for productivity Schmersal at Hannover Messe 2023: new developments for safety and automation Wuppertal, 13 February 2023.  The Schmersal Group will be attending the Hannover Messe trade fair to present its latest innovations. In Hall 09, Stand D09, the company has put the focus this year on automation and safety solutions for intralogistics as well as for packaging and food processing machines.

The growing volume of online trade is a key driver for developments in intralogistics, which requires increasing process automation and efficient and safe plant technology. Using a model that depicts different process steps and technologies, including filling, conveyor and palletising technology as well as robotics, Schmersal will be demonstrating components and systems that not only contribute to occupational safety, but that meet the stringent requirements of intralogistics and packaging industry in terms of fail-safe operation and plant productivity. 

Intelligent solenoid interlocks
A robot carrying out palletisation operations is safeguarded on the Schmersal stand with solenoid interlocks that keep guard doors locked until hazardous movements have come to a halt. Intelligent safety components, such as the AZM201 solenoid interlock, help to minimise downtime thanks to comprehensive diagnosis functions.

New Time-of-Flight procedure
Schmersal will be demonstrating a new technology at Hannover Messe for the first time – a technology in which the position and stacking height of boxes/crates palletised by robots is monitored by a ToF camera. The Time-of-Flight (ToF) procedure can be used to create a 3D image of the scene that is available as a point cloud. The scene can then be used to determine the positions and dimensions of objects. Software that can be used to define and monitor three-dimensional zones in space opens up a wide range of automation solutions in logistics and production-line production. 
ToF cameras enable efficient, real-time data evaluation, such as when carrying out measurement tasks in fill level monitoring or volume determination of piece goods.

New magnet track sensor box
Electric monorail conveyors are used to transport workpieces, tools and other purchased parts in almost every industry. Schmersal will be showcasing a solution for precisely this application at Hannover Messe: the SSB-R sensor box is used to define route sections for speed regulation for electric monorail conveyors in a manner that is cost efficient and maintenance free. It also allows park positions to be approached with careful accuracy.

New command and signalling devices in hygienic design
Also new: The H series from Schmersal will be showcased at Hannover Messe as a full range of command and signalling devices for hygiene-sensitive applications, particularly in food processing.

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New: Smartfair 2.0 presents a great variety of safety solutions at a glance Schmersal to showcase 2023 innovations at on site and online fairs Wuppertal, 12 January 2023.  Traditional attendance fairs are back after the Corona pandemic, but digital fairs remain a flexible tool for showcasing innovations and new technical solutions. Schmersal has completely overhauled its digital fair concept to present current products from the company in automation technology and machine safety, as well as a range of smart safety solutions.
Following the relaunch, the ‘Schmersal Smartfair’ is now easier to use and even more comprehensive. Additional products have been brought into the range, including safety solutions for heavy industry, lift technology, explosion protection and the Asi-Interface. In the new Smartfair 2.0 concept, safety systems and solutions from Schmersal will be presented vividly using an interactive module that simulates a machine production line with hazard points.

Smartfair 2.0 enables personal appointments with experts at Schmersal to answer visitor’s individual questions and demonstrate safety solutions using application examples. Partners will be able to see one another at all times using video conference tiles. Plus, the new Smartfair 2.0 now allows fair visits by multiple participants. 

Visitors to the digital trade fair can make a personal appointment with a sales representative or product manager at Schmersal. 
You can register free of charge at this link.

Schmersal at fairs in Hamburg and other international locations
Schmersal will also be showcasing its products at attendance fairs this year: At all about automation in Hamburg, Schmersal will be presenting new features in automation and safety technology in hall EG-306 from 25 to 26 January 2023. Schmersal will also participate at the Industriële Veiligheid congress in Utrecht, Netherlands, on 26 January 2023 and at many other international events.

All fairs at which Schmersal will be showcasing new features and innovative solutions for machine safety can be found at this link.

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‘Machinery CE Expert’ qualification Become an expert in machine safety in just four days Wuppertal / Nuremberg, 8 November 2022.  The tec.nicum academy – part of the Schmersal Group’s service division – has recently added a new qualification programme to its training options: participants can now train to become a ‘Machinery CE Expert’ (MCEExpert) during a four-day seminar.

Schmersal has developed the seminar and its content on the basis of many years of relevant experience; the seminar has been certified by TÜV Rheinland. The compact course is designed to deliver all knowledge needed to carry out a CE conformity assessment procedure for machinery and plants, with all relevant sub-steps. With its compact nature and extensive conveyance of knowledge, the seminar is unique to the market.

Upon successful completion, participants will be able to demonstrate their qualification in machine safety using a certificate issued by TÜV Rheinland. They will also have the right to use the title ‘Machinery CE Expert with TÜV Rheinland Certified Qualification’. The qualification has international recognition. 

TÜV Rheinland’s online certificate database ‘Certipedia’ provides information on all tested product features, services, companies, systems and personal certifications ( The description of the ‘Machinery CE Expert’ seminar and the individual identification number of every graduate from the programme can be seen and verified in ‘Certipedia’.

The cost to take part is €2900, which includes the fees charged by TÜV Rheinland for the final exam.

Further information and registration (in German language only):

Visit Schmersal at SPS – Smart Production Solutions – stand 460, hall 9 between 8 and 10 November 2022.

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Schmersal presents new magnet track sensor box at SPS 2022 For cost-effective and maintenance-free precision in the automotive sector and intralogistics Wuppertal / Nuremberg, 8 November 2022.  The Schmersal Group is showcasing a new magnet track sensor box at SPS in Nuremberg, designed to detect the position of electric monorail conveyors in the automotive industry and intralogistics.

Wear-free solenoid switches from Schmersal have long been used in the automotive industry. They are used to monitor the speed and position of moving machine parts, such as those on electric monorail conveyors used to transport bodies, engines, doors and other supplied parts to different assembly workstations in automobile plants. The new SSB-R magnet track sensor box now carries out these functions with significantly improved precision. 

The SSB-R sensor box detects the field of suitable actuator magnets on four independent tracks and switches the signal status on pass-by. This level change, which occurs on rapid pass-by, is retained until the next activation, i.e., retentively. A connected control unit uses the signals to determine the position and section of the sensor box and controls, for example, the speed or holding positions of the drive motor. 

Two angle sensors in the sensor box allow a monorail conveyor to be brought to a halt at the desired stopping position with an accuracy of approx. 1.5 mm. This is of particular benefit at robot workstations, where components need to be positioned with extreme accuracy. No additional magnets are required to enable this fine positioning. 

Furthermore, the sensor box also integrates four shielded tracks in latching reed technology. As such, the sensor box can be installed with ease with just a single M12 connector, which is much more straightforward than with previously used solenoid switches. In addition, a second connector can also be integrated into the sensor box to allow connection of additional signal evaluation without significant wiring effort. 

The sensor box can be used up to a maximum speed of 300 m/min. Furthermore, it has IP 65 degree of protection and can be used in temperature ranges of -25°C to +70°C. 

The magnet track sensor box has already proven its capabilities in initial applications, in particular in electric vehicle production. The box is also well prepared for increasing market demand for this drive type thanks to its UL approval for the US market.

Visit Schmersal at SPS – Smart Production Solutions – stand 460, hall 9 between 8 and 10 November 2022.

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