Conveying plants

In the mining of raw materials, bulk goods are often loaded directly onto vessels or trains over long distances for transport, extended conveyor plants, sometimes of multiple kilometres long, are used. For the classic applications on conveyor plants, we have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for safe switching and for the standstill and speed monitoring including different network solutions.


Emergency stop shutdown on conveyor belts

Our pull-wire emergency-stop switches guarantee a reliable emergency stop function with wire breakage monitoring on conveyor plants over a distance of 50 m on one side and 2 x 50 m on both sides. The roller lever is insensitive to external influences such as torsion, vibrations and temperature variations. If the pull-wire switch is actuated, it latches in the emergency stop position and can only be released by actuation of the release device, optionally operated by key selectors.

The devices meet the requirements of EN 60947-5-5.

In combination with our safety-monitoring modules or network options, we offer you complete safety-related systems for emergency-stop shutdown to PL e.

Belt alignment monitoring

Belt alignment switches monitor the straight running of conveyor plants. If the conveyor belt runs off-centre on the conveyor rollers, the switchgear is activated. Through the contact staggering or as of a belt misalignment of 15° for instance, a warning is generated through an auxiliary contact. The conveyor belt is then shutdown by the main contact as of a misalignment of 25° for instance. Special staggered contacts are available upon request.

In addition to multiple versions of belt alignment switches, we offer a comprehensive programme of rollers with different lengths, diameters and materials.

Command devices on transport and conveyor plants

Dust, varying temperatures and an often "rough" handling: command devices installed on transport and conveyor plants must be able to permanently withstand harsh conditions. Our robust command devices and indicator lights, joystick switches and surface-mounted enclosures have been especially developed for such applications and provide for a safe switching.

The range of "R" switches is optionally available in a metal version with a high protective collar against inadvertent contact. The oil-resistant large switch surfaces can also be operated reliably whilst wearing gloves.

The emergency stop switches are equipped with positive-locking and safe latching, optionally with increased protection against inadvertent unlocking. The message buttons and indicator lights feature bright LED's for a maximum signal effect at very low maintenance costs.

Online analysis and process control

Consistent product quality, plant safety and profitability are important aspects when transporting bulk materials on conveyor systems. In order to extend its range of solutions in terms of the process reliability of conveyor systems, the Schmersal Group has entered into a sales partnership with ScanMin Africa (Pty) Ltd.

The South African company specialises in radio-isotope mass spectral analysis of materials like coal, cement, minerals and ores. This technology can be used to generate real-time information for process control and also for quality controls during operations.

The range of services offered by ScanMia Africa inlcudes online elemental analysis, online moisture analysis and the approximate determination of bulk density. ScanMin Africa now also distributes the safety products from Schmersal.

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