Loading and unloading

During the loading and unloading of Super-Post-Panamax vessels, speed, accuracy and failsafe performance are of paramount priority. That is the reason why many world market leaders of the crane and shipbuilding industry use switchgear from Schmersal. From loading hatch monitoring up to the detection of hoisting and lifting devices, the Schmersal programme also covers applications exposed to the harshest environmental conditions.


Loading hatch monitoring and positioning

Our standardised switches toEN 50047/50041 are the perfect solution to be used on vessels, in bulk goods loading or other transhipment plants. They have a GL approval and can be used on vessels without any concern.

Some of the standardised switches have an IECEx approval with equipment identification "de IIC T6, Ex tD A21 IP65 T80 °C" and therefore can be used in port areas as well as on vessels in Dust Ex Zones. Typical applications in the heavy industry are, for instance the protection of loading hatches and bunker covers as well as position and limit position monitoring.

Through the optional AS-i field bus interface, the standardised switches can also be integrated in existing central automation.

Pre- and end-of-travel shutdown at high travel speeds

The travel speeds of the modern ship-to-shore crane plants exceed the mechanical actuation limit of 1.5 m/s. In the bulk handling industry, contemporary crabs already run at travel speeds of 4 m/s.

Our non-contact BN20 2RZ magnetic switches with a switching distance of up to 50 mm provide for a safe pre- and end-of-travel shutdown of crabs or crane tracks at travel speeds up to 5 m/s.

The signals of the dual-channel magnetic switch can be evaluated through a safe PLC control. It is also suitable for the autarkic use in combination with a safety-monitoring module from the Schmersal programme. In this case, applications up to SIL 3 to IEC 61508 or Performance Level e to EN ISO 13849-1 can be set up.

End-of-travel shutdown on hoists and gear drive units

The plants used in hoisting and conveying technology are an important field of application for the gear switches of the series G50 and G150. The metal enclosure with shock-resistant plastic enclosure features a fast and smooth switching point setting through front-adjustable cam disks. Different switch travels can be selected by means of different cam forms.

Dependant upon the contact configuration, this switchgear is used for the end-of-travel shutdown or the positioning of movement sequences on crane plants or winches. Both series are available with protection class IP 65 and are suitable for use at temperatures from
–30 ° C … +80 ° C.