Metal production

Switchgear from Schmersal is used in the entire heavy industry. The different basic designs are suitable for extended temperature ranges and high mechanical stresses. They can be combined with a large range of actuators, contact variants and contact configurations. Adjustable switching points and a comprehensive programme of accessories provide for an additional extension of the application range.

The result: highly reliable heavy-duty switchgear, which stand the test for decennia under rough operating conditions - in the entire process chain of the steel industry as well as in othr sectors of metal processing.


Position detection under extreme environmental conditions

The switchgear series T/M 250, 422 and 441 are used in the entire steel processing industry - amongst others for the positioning of revolving towers, distributor trucks, shuttles, flame cutters / welding torches, stamping machinery or chain conveyors. They are characterised by a robust grey cast iron enclosure, optional contact onfiguration in gold or gold/nickel alloy and an extended temperature range with optional ceramic inserts from –40 °C … +200 °C.

Many designs and different actuating elements offer a large variety of possibilities. Even under the very unfavourable ambient conditions, which are typical to the steel production and processing industry, these heavy-duty position switches operate reliably and feature a long life.

End-of-travel and area shutdown on highly-available crane plants

The travel distances of many cranes in the metal industry are long and are frequently covered at speeds of over 1.5 m/s. The 2-channel magnetic switch BN20 2rz has been especially developed for this kind of applications. With a switching distance of up to 50 mm and travel speeds of up to 5 m/s, they provide for a safe monitoring of the pre-tripping and end-of-travel shutdown of crabs or runways.

The sensors can be integrated into existing safety control systems or evaluated in an autarkic manner by a safety-monitoring module of the Schmersal programme - applications up to SIL 3 or PL e. Other actuators and electromagnets for area shutdown and compensation coils for cable distances > 100/200 m complete the system.

Protection of safety guards on robust fenced plants

Many plants of the steel production and processing industry, e.g. alloying and continuous casting plants, segment drives, slab feeders and welding torches or converters and ladle furnaces are often protected by means of heavy safety fences.

Under the prevailing extreme conditions, the AZM 415 solenoid interlock is the perfect solution to protect the access to the plants. This solenoid interlock essentially features a robust overall metal enclosure, a high holding force of 3,500 N, a protection against incorrect locking and a large selection of actuating and handle variants for all structural conditions. Ex versions, solutions for double doors and variants with adjustable ball latching are available also.