Metal refining

The steel or metal production industries usually include other processes such as pressing, forging, rolling, extracting, alloying or casting and moulding in various forms and dimensions. In addition to the already mentioned ambient conditions such as high temperatures and abrasive dusts, the switchgear is exposed to additional elements during these process steps, such as shocks, vibrations, water vapour and contact with aggressive or corrosive agents. For these special requirements, our programme includes reliable solutions.


Protection of access and operating areas

The safety light grids and light curtains of the series SLC/SLG 440 and 420 are frequently used in the steel processing sector to protect access and operating areas e.g. on feed points of presses, large lathes, coil spindles, straightening machines, plate turnover devices and guillotine shears. Solutions for type 2/4 to IEC 61496-1, -2 as well as EN ISO 13849-1 or IEC 61508 are available.

The aluminium enclosures with protection class IP 67/IP69K can be equipped with additional mechanical protection in the form of two optional protective enclosures. This guarantees a safe operation, even under difficult circumstances. Integrated diagnostic and set-up tools support the user during the daily operating activities. Optional signalling and operating devices e.g. for blanking and cyclic mode provide for additional possibilities for the integration of the safety devices in the processes. Of course, universal system solutions with suitable safety-monitoring modules are available also.

Safe operation of presses and forging plants with two-hand controls

The two-hand controls of the series SEPG 05 and 01 with corresponding safety-monitoring module SRB 201 ZH and SRB HC/R are triedand- tested solutions for the operation of presses and forging plants. Different versions are available for wall, table and upright mounting,  which can be supplied as safe, ergonomic and completely equipped solutions, in accordance with your specifications and needs. Different versions are available for wall, table, upright mounting as well as for sedentary activities.

Protection against inadvertent interruptions of the process

If run-on movements can be expected at hazardous points - e.g. on winding and straightening machines - solenoid interlocks are used. This type of safety switchgear is also increasingly used to avoid the interruption of a production process by the operator opening a safety door.

Schmersal offers an extremely comprehensive programme of solenoid interlocks – for instance the AZM 200 series featuring a slim design and an integrated door handle. Up to 31 doors can be wired in series up to a length of 200 m without detriment to the safety category. The holding force amounts to 2000 N and for large safety doors, a three-point interlocking is available. The emergency exit can be operated with just a movement of the hand, even in a de-energised condition. A large range of actuating and handle variants provides you with efficient solutions regardless of the structural conditions.