Offshore, oil and gas

In chemical parks and refineries as well as on vessels and oil platforms, the monitoring of sliding pistons and compartments as well as the access protection of sensible tank plants, maintenance or service areas becomes increasingly important. For these applications, we offer different solutions - from robust position switches to tamper-proof safety systems.


Monitoring of the valve position in the oil and gas industry

Detection of the positions of sliding pistons, valve slides and partition walls, monitoring of the position of hatch openings and service flaps, protection of deck cranes or other equipment: the standardised switches from Schmersal with and without Ex approval are the perfect choice for chemical parks, offshore platforms or ships in the oil and gas industry.

Through the optionally available ASi Safety field bus, the standardised switches can also be quickly and smoothly integrated in existing central automation concepts.

Entrance monitoring in tank farm, petrol depots and maintenance rooms

Under extreme operating conditions, the AZM 415 Ex solenoid interlock is suitable for the protection of larger safety fences in tank farms and petrol depots. It is also suitable for preventing inadvertent access to plants, service or maintenance areas with potential hazards.

Many users, use this solenoid interlock because of the robust overall-metal enclosure, the protection against incorrect locking, the high holding force of 3,500 N and the large  range of actuator and handle variants. Optionally, solutions for double doors or adjustable ball latchings are available.

As an alternative to solenoid interlocks, we offer our modular, mechanical Ex trapped key system called SHGV, which is also available with explosion protection certification. This system offers the advantage that hazardous plants can be cost-efficiently protected without electrical installation.

Non-contact position monitoring of partition walls, hatches, etc.

If the position of e.g; hatches, partition walls or service flaps need to be monitored without contact and under Ex protection conditions, the use of the Ex safety sensors of the CSS series is recommended.

Up to 16 safety sensors can be wired in series over a distance of 200 m without detriment to the safety category. In this way, large hazardous areas e.g. hatches and flaps on large plants can be protected in a simple manner. With this system, solutions up to SIL 3 and PL e can be created.