Technical articles – Archive 2015

  • Virtual protected spaces and networked systems

    Trends in machine safety: From hardware to software

    In automation technology and in mechanical engineering, functions are increasingly being shifted from hardware to software. This also applies to machinery safety. Aside from software-based safety concepts, however, classical safety devices are still being employed – though these have new mechanical and sensor combinations. As a provider of systems and solutions for machine safety,Schmersal thereby offers everything from one
    source: Hardware and software, expertise and consulting.
    Author: Jörg Schreiber, Director Strategic Market Development
    Source: trade magazine elektro AUTOMATION 10/2015

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  • Door shut for cool processes

    Solenoid interlock in a deep freeze system for blood plasma

    The doors of a plate freezer which, through contact cooling, cool down freshly obtained blood plasma to a core temperature of -30°C in no time are monitored reliably with Solenoid interlocks from Schmersal. In this case, the safety switchgear units serve not so much as a means of personal protection but process safety instead.

    Author: Sylvia Blömker, PR Manager, Schmersal

    Source: trade magazine Der Konstrukteur 10/2015

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  • Machine safety from a global player

    70 years of the Schmersal Group: From component manufacturer to world-wide provider of systems and solutions

    The Schmersal Group, a leading company in the international market of machine safety, can celebrate its 70th birthday this year. Philip Schmersal, managing partner from the third generation of the family, explains the company‘s strategy, the new business activities and the current trends in the market of machine safety.


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  • It started with a waffle iron

    Provider of solutions in the age of Industry 4.0

    The Schmersal Group offers the largest programme of safety components and systems for machine safety in the world, it is one of the international market leaders and pillars of expertise in this area and has production facilities on three continents. The balance of success after 70 years of company history reads as follows. It all started quite modestly…

    Source: packaging-journal, 07/2015

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  • Using inner strength and innovative technologies to drive growth

    Interview with Philip Schmersal

    Since the 1980s, the Schmersal group has focussed on the safety of man and machine and is now among the global market leaders when it comes to machine safety. The company is currently developing into a system and solution provider and pressing ahead with internationalisation. Philip Schmersal, managing director and shareholder, the third generation of the Schmersal family, explains strategy and trends in machine safety.

    Source: trade magazine "messtec drives Automation" 8/2015, GIT Verlag

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  • Stoppers for the crane

    Safety for intralogistics

    Based in Ludwigsburg, Weinmüller Formen- und Werkzeugbau, develops and makes moulds for complex components made from pressure cast aluminium, such as transmission casings, oil sumps and engine parts. The precision moulds weigh more than 50 t – and even larger units are being called for. Alongside this is the rising demand for pressure cast tools. The heart of the system is a position switch with safety function from the new PS 116 series that Schmersal presented last year.

    Source: IEE magazine, issue 8-9 / 2015, Hüthig Verlag

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  • High-tech meets high-tech

    Interview with Siegfried Rüttger

    SIEGFRIED RÜTTGER Packaging / Pharmaceuticals / Good Industry Manager at Schmersal, provides insights into the market for packaging machinery and systems, describes current issues and trends and explains what safety technical solutions are best suited to the packaging industry.

    Source: automation, issue 05 / 2015

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  • Rewriting the rules for machine safety

    What will the new Operational Safety Ordinance change?

    The new version of the German Operational Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) will mean machine operators will need to gear up to changes in the rules on machine and plant safety. These include the obligation to check safety gear regularly and adapt it to the
    state-of-the-art where necessary.

    Author: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Siegfried Wolf, Head of tec.nicum Training Centre, Schmersal

    Source: trade magazine Der Betriebsleiter 7-8 / 2015 

    File attachments:
     f_betriebssicherheitsverordnung_en.pdf (630 KB )

  • To good cooperation between people and robots

    Safety Services - even for virtual safety fences

    Until now, the rule in automated production was that the working areas of people and robots are strictly separated and robots carry out their work behind safety fences. This rule is increasingly being broken, and for a good reason. When people and robots work together, both can contribute their own strengths - people have intelligence, judgement and flexibility, robots have power and untiring performance when lifting and moving loads.

    Source: trade magazine Der Konstrukteur 06/2015

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    Author:  Dr. Andreas Hunscher, Jörg Schreiber

  • »HRC is an exciting subject«

    Interview with Dr. Andreas Hunscher

    DR ANDREAS HUNSCHER is in charge of the Schmersal factory in Wettenberg as well as the global system and solutions business of the Wuppertal-based family company, and particularly appreciates
    the culture, structure, and future-orientation and real dynamism „in an extremely multifaceted and exciting market“.

    Source: automation 3 | 2015, Verlag Henrich Publikationen

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  • Seven tips for choosing safety switchgear

    Brochure on ISO 14119 – Book on Machine Safety

    The securing of danger point and danger zones is one of the "classic" activities of a designer and is also one of the especially demanding tasks, as a comprehensive set of regulations must also be taken into account here. To simplify this task for the designer, the following article provides several tips from the standpoint of a safety switchgear manufacturer.

    Author: Frank Schmidt, Head of Standards, Bodies and Associations, Schmersal

    Source: trade magazine Konstruktion, 4/2015

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  • Safely secured in position

    Compact position switches PS116  

    Schmersal‘s new compact position switches with safety function reliably monitor laterally shiftable or rotatable protective equipment.

    Source: trade magazine Konstruktionspraxis 05/2015


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  • Hygienic, flexible and tamper-proof

    Solenoid interlocks in filling and packaging machines protect employees

    At OPTIMA packaging group GmbH, a family business with headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, and soon to have a 100-year history, the 1,800 employees worldwide develop and produce manufacturing, filling and packaging machines for foodstuffs, cosmetics, chemical and pharmaceutical products. The machines from Optima are internationally in demand: The company‘s export share is over 80 percent. The Optima Consumer business division has developed a new machine designed especially for use with foodstuffs and chemicals. Schmersal has provided the safety technology for it, including the new AZM 300 solenoid interlock with emergency release.

    Source: trade Magazine "dei - die ernährungsindustrie", issue 5/2015

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    Author:  Siegfried Rüttger, Industry Manager packaging / pharma / food, Schmersal

  • Hold closed doors and flaps

    Hygiene-relevant safety technology in dairy product packaging

    The bottling, filling and packaging of dairy products is a sophisticated undertaking. The processing of food products such as milk and yoghurt etc places the most demanding requirements on hygiene. At the same time though, flexibility is required to reflect faster product cycle turnarounds and the importance of packaging as a marketing Instrument in the sector. With the Combiseptic 81, Gasti has developed an unusually adaptable cup filling and sealing machine with which innovative product ideas can be realised. Schmersal has contributed here with its safety technology which is just as flexible as it is hygienic.

    Source: trade magazine Lebensmitteltechnik 4/2015

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  • Two new standards

    DIN EN ISO 14119 and the Operational Safety Ordinance

    In April and June 2015 the transition periods for two new German regulations on machine safety end. The standard DIN EN ISO 14119 is directed at the (electrical) designers and describes the
    design of guards and the choice of safety switches and interlocks, while the new Operational Safety Ordinance (BetrSichV) is intended more for the owners. Both emphasise the importance of tampering protection.

    Source: elektro AUTOMATION, issue 04/2015

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    Author:  Frank Schmidt, Head of Standards, Bodies and Associations at Schmersal

  • „Automation solutions have become critical“


    Sagar Jeevan Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India, briefs on the Indian machine safety industry, while highlighting the importance of integrating automation systems to be at par with global standards.

    Source: A & D India, Apr-May 2015

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  • „Safety Services“ at work

    Machine owners must ensure the safety of the plant and machinery used by their employees.

    A “siting” in the sense of a uniform safety-relevant evaluation with the aim of identifyingweak points can be useful here. This gives owners the peace of mind of knowing their machines comply with current standards and regulations and that their employees can work safely with them.

    Source: Sicherheit & Management, issue 4/2015, GIT Verlag

    Author:  Jörg Schreiber, Director Strategic, Market Development, K.A. Schmersal

  • Outwitting the protection system

    It’s a fact that protective equipment for plant and machinery is regularly tampered within factories.

    This is because it often hinders people’s jobs. Hence the designer must make surehis design reduces the risk of tampering. There are numerous methods available to him which he can and must use.

    Source: KE Next, issue 3/2015, mi – publishing house

    Author:  Frank Schmidt, K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG, Wuppertal

  • No corners, no edges

    The command and signalling devices exhibited by the Schmersal Group in Cologne are N type devices which means they are suitable for the food and...

    This type ofdevice is not new but rather a tried and tested one used by a number of food processing machinery manufacturers. Now the range has been expanded and includes new certifications.

    Source: dei - die Ernährungsindustrie,issue 3/2015, publishing house Konradin

    Author:  Siegfried Rüttger, industry manager packaging / pharma / food, K.A. Schmersal

  • Making the right choice

    Protecting hazard areas in man-machine interfaces has top priority.

    But which solenoid interlock is best? The possibilities include diverse series of devices as well as various designsand systems. Read on to find out how to make the right choice.

    Source: INDUSTRIELLE AUTOMATION, issue 2/2015

    Author:  Christian Heller is head of product management, K.A. Schmersal GmbH & Co. KG

  • Fire fighting with high pressure mist

    At its headquarters in Seeheim-Jugenheim in Hessen, Germany, Callies Brandbekämpfungssysteme GmbH develops and manufactures high pressure water mist...

    An OEM version of Schmersal's Protect Select safety-relevant compact controller has been specially designed for this unusual and safety-sensitive application. It is used to control and monitor the system.

    Source: Sicherheit & Management, issue 1-2/2015, GIT Verlag

  • You can't come in!

    OYSTAR Hassia automated packaging machines form, fill and seal portion cups with high reliability and at high speed.

    Their large transparent safety guards are equipped with solenoid interlocks to ensure processes are not interrupted by the opening of a safety guard.

    Source:  Messtec Drives Automation, GIT Verlag, issue 10/2014

  • Universal concept of machine safety

    Dienst Verpackungstechnik GmbH develops and manufactures "sideload" cartoners which are used around the world but mainly in the...

    Safety guard position monitoring is carried out by safety sensors which provide an extensive range of diagnostic possibilities and thereby contribute to the high productivity of the packaging plant.

    Source: elektro AUTOMATION, 2014, Konradin Verlag

  • "Quicker" safety light curtain for laser marking systems

    During the redesign of its "CombiLine Advanced" laser marking machines, the "Marking" business division of laser specialists...

    For example the hazard area in the machine's loading area is now monitored by safety curtains from Schmersal. Their quick reaction rates meant the safety margin could be kept small.

    Source:  etz, 2014, VDE Verlag

  • Plenty of guards – a safety standard

    Meurer Verpackungssysteme GmbH in Fürstenau, Germany, a leading manufacturer of end of line packaging systems, has defined a uniform standard for the...

    Its systems use a non-contact safety sensor with an MZM 100 interlock specially designed for the packaging industry. This guarantees a high safety integrity level as well as high productivity and short down times.

    Source: Sicherheit & Management, issue 9/2014, GIT Verlag

  • Hygienic operation concept for poultry meat slicer

    Excellent cut - operated hygiene compliant The poultry meat slicers from Food Technology Thielemann are used around the world and are known as...

    At the man-machine interface of the machines there are hygienic operator panels installed that ensure a lengthy service life and ergonomic operation even with frequent and intensive cleaning processes.

  • Schmersal delivers the safety technology for the CARElift®

    Safely to the top:

    New concept for wheelchair lifts The company Hoffmann GmbH & Co. KG, a nationally active lessor of work platforms and other mobile equipment, has developed a new concept with the CARElift® for the vertical transport of wheelchair users. The new platform lift can be easily installed onto a building without any constructional changes and it is quite easy to operate.

  • Winkel GmbH uses RFID technology for safe auto-stop

    Innovative system solutions are best implemented using innovative components. True to this motto, Winkel GmbH has developed COLIBRI, a highly dynamic...

    The fail-safe drive technology is supplemented by a fail-safe auto-stop mechanism, which replaces the position switch with an innovatively operated safety sensor.

  • “Customised” safety guard for new stack cutter

    Schmersal has developed a customised optoelectronic safety guard for a new extremely compact stack cutter of the company Krug & Priester.

    Typical features of this safety light curtain are a protection field ranging over the entire sensor length without any dead spaces whatsoever and an adaptation of the firmware and hard-ware so as to ensure its full compatibility with the application

  • Machinery safety under special circumstances

    The food industry sets special requirements for components and systems used for machine safety.

    These requirements include - depending on the application - the hygiene, the sealing to prevent penetration of liquids and dust, the compliance with the industry-specific prescriptions, explosion protection and the suitability of the devices for particularly high or low temperatures. Therefore, the use of safety switchgear, which have been developed especially for these particular conditions, is recommended.

  • Safety without tampering enticement

    A safety guard must effectively prevent access to the hazardous area and the position monitoring must meet the requirements of the standards – these...

    In addition to that, it should not interfere with or affect the productivity of the machine or the process.

  • Safety and ergonomics on machine-tools

    Any visitor of EMO, who has checked out the latest machine-tools, will have noticed that many machines have once more become more powerful.

    The safety technology supports this general trend as well: new safety switchgear provide for an optimal integration of the safety functions in the processes and the work cycles of the operators.

  • Safety devices in foodstuff machinery

    Safety devices in foodstuff machinery must meet special requirements, which are primarily related to hygiene.

    The new generations of safety switchgear are developed from this perspective.

  • Machinery safety in the packing machinery construction

    Geyssel GmbH is operating in a special segment of the packing machinery industry:

    The company develops and manufactures machines applying drinking straws onto the most diverse packaging at highest speed and with utmost precision. For its safety technology, Geyssel uses the Schmersal programme.

  • New optoelectronic safety device: One series, many functionalities

    The new SLC/ SLG 440 safety light grids and safety light curtains presented by Schmersal at SPS/ IPC/ DRIVES, gather many functions in one series.

    The user can, for instance, realise different blanking functions and activate a double acknowledgment, which provides for a higher degree of safety on blind, vast or complex hazardous areas.

  • Compact safety controller with preconfigured application programmes

    If you hesitate between a safety-monitoring module and a complex safety controller, you might as well steer a middle course and reach out for the...

    With four preconfigured application programmes, this system covers the majority of applications.

  • “Safe RFID”: utilisation of the RFID technology in safety switchgear

    The new generation of safety sensors uses the RFID technology to guarantee a high degree of protection against tampering and to offer the machine...

    The user can choose between different coding variants.

  • “Safe RFID”: utilisation of the RFID technology in safety switchgear

    The new generation of safety sensors uses the RFID technology to guarantee a high degree of protection against tampering and to offer the machine...

    The user can choose between different coding variants.

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