Technical articles – Archive 2016

  • “Mind the gap” - travelling in Hong Kong

    Schmersal delivers safety systems for the mass transit railway in the Asian megacity

    In the megacity of Hong Kong, millions of people use railway, which is among the busiest and most modern in the world, every day. For operator company MTR (Mass Transit Railway), passenger safety is the top priority. This is why the transport company charged the Schmersal Group with kitting out some of the platforms in the aboveground stations with safety systems.

    Source: Engineering Update, October 2016

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  • Stop at a dizzying height

    Schmersal AV20 switchgear is responsible for locking the doors of the permanent lift at a height of over 600 m.

    A permanent lift brings service technology materials almost to the very top of the highest building in the world - the Burj Khalifa in Dubai: the stop is at a height of 611 m. The service lift from Pega’s “Industrial Lift” range is fitted with Schmersal Böhnke+Partner lift switchgear equipment.

    Source: Lift Journal 4 / 2016

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  • Clean solution for protective doors

    Flexible packaging machines with hygiene-compliant safety equipment

    The German-based company Meypack specialises in the production of individual final packaging systems. These are based on a Clean Design principle which extends as far as the machine safety. The position of the transparent safety doors is monitored on a contactless basis by compact, hygiene-compliant Schmersal sensors using RFID technology.

    Source: trade magazine Lebensmitteltechnik 6/2016

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  • Playing it safe

    Schmersal provides improved machine safety

    In the MKC range, Harro Höfliger GmbH has developed a cartoning machine which can be flexibly adapted to user requirements. The safety system has the flexibility to match.

    Source: trade magazine VERPACKUNGS-RUNDSCHAU, 6/2016

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  • Rethinking safety

    Shifting machine safety from hardware to software

    Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and new forms of human machine interaction: These are exciting times for mechanical engineering and the production industry in general, and the speed at which changes are happening seems to be getting faster all the time. The changes will also have an impact on machine safety.

    Source: trade magazine Der Konstrukteur 6/2016
    André Batz, Director of Research & Development, Schmersal Group

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  • High safety levels for operators and good process visibility

    Schmersal's AZM 300 solenoid interlock is used on the safety doors of an Integra Edition filler.

    Haver & Boecker likes to take an innovative approach to its filling systems. This also applies to machine safety: For its latest generation of machines, the design engineers are using a flexible, robust solenoid interlock from Schmersal
    Author: Siegfried Rüttger, packaging/food/pharmaceuticals industry manager, Schmersal Group
    Source: trade magazine open automation, 3/2016
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    Why do we need machine safety services?  

    These days, machine safety and occupational health and safety are key issues at any mechanical engineering company. However, the complexity of these issues often require in-depth knowledge. This is why experts like the Schmersal Group have started creating a new set of services. Dr. Michael Döpper, editor-in-chief of trade magazine "Der Konstrukteur" spoke to Jörg Schreiber, the head of Strategic Market Development at the Schmersal Group in Wuppertal, Germany, about the group’s new independent division tec.nicum.
    Source: trade magazine “Der Konstrukteur” 4 /2106
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  • “Factories in India are getting future-ready”

    Mindset could be one of the challenges posed by manufacturers while leveraging automation

    “With vision in mind and correct planning, one can achieve success in automation projects”, says Sagar Jeevan Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India, in an interview with the magazine A&D India. He believes that factories in India are getting future-ready with their technological innovation and capable human resources.
    Source: A&D India, Apr-May, 2016
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  • Speed control for robots


    Virtual safety fences isolate robots from people. Cooperation between humans and robots without isolating safety fences is one of the hot topics in industrial automation.
    These kinds of cooperative working systems mean that the robots need an “in-built” safety fence, which shifts what were previously hardware functions to an intelligent
    controller.Leading providers rely on customer-specific solutions from the Schmersal Group, which has been carrying out research and development work in this area of machine safety for around fifteen years now.
    Source: Scope, 4/2016

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  • Safety as a business

    Certified tec.nicum employees assess the safety of your machines.

    Schmersal has already been providing a portfolio of services for some time. In recent years, demand for these safety-related services has increased steadily. This is why the company restructured its services as of 1 January 2016, at the same time expanding them and transferring them to a new company division. The new, independent tec.nicum umbrella brand underlines the company’s aim of providing consultancy services on a product and manufacturer-neutral basis.
    Source: A& D magazine, 4/2016, publish industry verlag
    Author: Jörg Schreiber, Head of Strategic Market Development at the Schmersal Group

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  • The aim: safe machines

    Schmersal Group founds service division

    The Schmersal Group is bundling its comprehensive range of machine safety services based on the tec.nicum brand. GIT SICHERHEIT asked Jörg Schreiber, Director Strategic
    Market Development at the Schmersal Group, about the product range of the new division and the positioning of the company as a system and solution provider.
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  • More flexible evaluation of safety-related signals

    With eight variants, the new SRB-E safety relay modules cover a wide range of applications.

    Even technologies which have been established for years have potential for innovation. This is evidenced by Schmersal with its latest range of safety relay modules, which
    bring a new dynamic to this proven technology for evaluating safety signals. The range can easily be adapted to individual requirements. Different applications can be covered
    with a single module.
    Source: trade magazine „etz“, 1-2, 2016, VDE VERLAG GMBH
    Author: Thomas Rühl, product manager, Schmersal Group

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  • Solenoid interlock for heavy safety doors

    With the AZM 400, the Schmersal Group is enhancing its programme of solenoid interlocks

    At the SPS IPC Drives trade fair, the Schmersal Group is presenting a new solenoid interlock designed specifically for heavy safety doors. Among its main properties
    are the electric-motor-powered locking bolt, a holding force of 10 000 N and the bistable principle of operation.

    Author: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stephan Frick, MBA, Product Manager of Safety Technology,Schmersal
    Source: trade magazine etz, 11/2015, VDE Verlag

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  • Multifunctional and flexible

    New safety relay modules

    At the SPS IPC Drives trade fair, the Schmersal Group is presenting a range of safety relay modules that are distinguished by optimum adaptation to different applications and offer various unique selling points. During development of the range, the design engineers also had to bear particular demands relating to packaging machine construction in mind.

    Author: Thomas Rühl, Product Manager of Safety Technology, Schmersal

    Source: trade magazine Pack Report 11/2015

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  • Partnership for safety

    Interview: Safety technology for conveying bulk material

    Two industry specialists for processing and plant safety in the heavy industry have embarked on a sales partnership in order that, in future, they can offer their customers complete solutions for safe and productive bulk material conveyance: the Schmersal Group and the Coal Control Gesellschaft für Automation. In a discussion with Udo Sekin, Heavy Industry Manager of the Schmersal Group, he reports about equipment manufacturers turning into solution providers and about the first results from the Coal Control merger.
    Source: trade magazine traffic, WILEY

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  • Ordinance provides clarification

    The new German ordinance on industrial health and safety (BetrSichV)

    The new version of the German ordinance on industrial health and safety (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung - BetrSichV) has been in force since the middle of the year. It contains
    some changes that are of relevance to all organisations that operate machines and systems. And, finally, it clarifies – together with interpretation paper from the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) – the question as to which safety requirements must be taken into account on the modernisation and modification of machines.

    Author: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Siegfried Wolf, Head of tec.nicum academy
    Source: trade magazine Der Betriebsleiter 11-12/2015, VFMZ

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  • Eliminating the risk

    Solenoid interlock for reliable locking and unlocking under difficult conditions

    In areas such as machine tool construction, solenoid interlocks offer protection for man and machine. To further optimise this, the Wuppertal-based company has developed a solenoid interlock whose design combines compact dimensions, a strong holding force, a bistable principle of operation and an electric-motor-powered locking bolt. In this way, the product not only fulfils the desires of the users but also the requirements of new safety standards.
    Author: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Stephan Frick, MBA,Product Manager Safety Technology, Schmersal
    Source: trade magazine Industrielle Automation 6/2015
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  • Flexibility and safe control technology

    The new safety controller Protect PSC1 from Schmersal

    In the packaging industry, however also in other sectors of machinery manufacture, flexibility is becoming an increasingly important characteristic of machines and systems. Batch sizes are becoming smaller, and it must be possible to adapt the machines to different products and market conditions both straightforwardly and quickly. As a result there are also new requirements on the safe control technology.
    Author: Siegfried Rüttger, industry manager pharma/food/packaging at Schmersal
    Source: trade magazine mpa 11-12/15, b-Quadrat Verlag

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