Technical articles – Archive 2020

  • Intelligent networking

    Modular safety solution for food processing machines [mehr]

    In the food industry, however also in other sectors of machinery manufacture, flexibility is becoming an increasingly important characteristic of machines and systems. At the same time businesses
    favour safety systems that provide operational efficiency and cost advantages in addition to the essential safety function. An example of how these requirements can be implemented is
    demonstrated by the sliced meats processing system, manufactured by market and technology leader Weber Maschinenbau, which is made safe using a modular safety controller from Schmersal.
    The service package included the commissioning and validation of the system by tec.nicum, Schmersal’s service division.

    Source: Konstruktionspraxis, Ausgabe 11/2019, Vogel Communications Group

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  • Bowden cable and lockout tag for enhanced safety

    AZM400 safety interlock with new accessories that further improve the safety level [mehr]

    Some three years ago, Schmersal introduced a safety interlock designed specifically for heavy safety guards and machine tools with heavy doors. Since its introduction the safety interlock hasshown just how versatile it is, not least due to the launch of new accessories that further improve the safety level it achieves.

    Author: Stephan Frick, Product Manager, Schmersal Group

    Source: etz – elektrotechnik & automation , 9/2019

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  • Intelligence increases benefits

    Schmersal develops coordinated systems and solutions for the end-to-end networked Smart Factory [mehr]

    The Schmersal Group develops not only intelligent safety components, but also coordinated systems and solutions for the end-to-end networked Smart Factory. In this way, manufacturers,
    operators and users of machines also have the possibility of predictive maintenance

    Source:  :K – Kompetenz für Konstrukteure, Ausgabe 7/19, Henrich Publikationen GmbH

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  • This App is the one!

    A useful new tool: A safety light grid with a Bluetooth interface [mehr]

    Machine safety made easy: Safety light curtains are often used when machines or plants need to be safeguarded but remain easily accessible. At this year’s SPS trade fair in Nuremberg the
    Schmersal group exhibited simple straightforward assistants for installation, periodic inspection and documentation: The new SLC440/COM series with Bluetooth interface and smartphone app offers
    the user a high level of practical value in everyday business.

    Source: GIT SICHERHEIT + MANAGEMENT, 12/2019, WILEY-VCH Verlag

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  • Safety that pays

    Installation solutions using the Safety Fieldbox and the SD-Bus from Schmersal [mehr]

    For many companies, maximising cost-effectiveness is still one of the most important objectives. The increasing digitalisation and networking of the production environment offers
    significant potential for higher productivity, for example by collecting and evaluating large volumes of data to optimise manufacturing processes. The Schmersal Group supports this objective with a wide
    range of efficient systems for functional safety that are individually adaptable, fail-safe in operation and also reduce wiring. Some examples are installation solutions using the new Safety Fieldbox and
    the SD bus from Schmersal.

    Source: GIT SICHERHEIT + MANAGEMENT, 11/2019, WILEY-VCH Verlag

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  • Interview with Sagar Bhosale, MD Schmersal India

    Covid-19 will herald proactive expansion of digitization [mehr]

    One of the major learnings from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is that digitization will be key in the future, says Sagar Jeevan Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India, in an interview with Engineering Review magazine. He talks about how Schmersal India has restarted production to support essential manufacturing companies from food and pharma sectors, while ensuring the safety and well-being of employees.

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    Source: Engineering Review magazine, India

  • New opto-electronic safety device with Bluetooth interface and app

    High usability safety solution [mehr]

    Safety light curtains and grids are perfect for securing a wide range of hazardous areas in production, including robot cells, die casting machines and palletising systems. At the SPS 2019 trade fair in Nuremberg, the Schmersal Group this year showcased its first safety light grids with built-in Bluetooth interface.

    Source: SPS Magazine, TeDo, Publishing House; issue 11/2019

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