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Multifunctional safety relay module PROTECT SRB-E-FWS-TS

More functions in one device: The new safety evaluations in the SRB-E-302FWS-TS basic model combine the functions of safe downtime monitoring and safety time relay in a single component.
The SRB-E-402FWS-TS component model is brand new: the additional safety door monitors means it combines three functions in one device, making it unique in the market.

The safe downtime monitoring system monitors the impulses from the sensors connected. Permanently comparing the input frequency (current value) with the preset target value (downtime frequencies) allows the device to detect if limit values are exceeded, which activates the safety outputs.

For rotating plant components, e.g. drives, motors or shafts, with the same run-on times, the SRB-E-FWS-TS components can also be used as a safe time relay, i.e. for safe measurement of a preset time. The controller is only released once this preset time has run out, this enables, for example, a safety device to be opened.

The SRB-E-402FWS-TS model also offers the option of monitoring a solenoid interlock on two channels with or without cross-circuit detection. With this module variant, e.g. in the event of dangerous movements, the safety door cannot be opened and the second safety function, safety door monitoring, ensures that the movement is safely shut off. In addition, the safe outputs prevent the machine from starting when the door is open.

For safety relay modules, the downtime frequency can be adjusted from 0.5 Hz to 10 Hz and the drive delay time between 0.5 s and 3000 s.

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