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Corporate ­philosophy 

Over 75 years ago Schmersal started as a family business in Wuppertal and although today the company has grown to have a global presence in over 20 countries with more than 1,800 employees our family values are still present in everything we do. Since our values are part of our DNA at Schmersal they act as the foundation of our vision and mission for the Schmersal Group today and in the future.

The development of any company's Vision, Mission & Core Values should represent the people within company not just the feeling of the most senior management or the opinions of a third party. With this in mind our values have been developed with a global approach and are they represent what is important to our employees from all over the world.

As a company it is important that we follow our values in our daily business and make every effort to live by our values .

Our Core Vales

Our Vision 

For the Schmersal Group to be the leading system and solution provider in the areas in which we operate reaching the highest level of customer satisfaction. Be recognized as an innovative global leader in safety technology and engineered services.

Our Mission

To provide our global and local markets with safe, reliable and innovative solutions oriented towards ensuring the safety of man and machine. Develop sustainable and long term alliances which benefit our customers and the Schmersal Group by continuously improving our processes through technology and market experience.

We enhance the lives of people contributing to a safer working environment in any business.

We provide a secure workplace and treat all people with respect and without discrimination of any kind. We encourage fairness, empathy and trust in all relationships internal and external to the Schmersal Group.

We connect, involve and enable employees on a global level. We promote teamwork and a workplace that offers professional challenges to help our employees grow within the company.

We are accountable and act with integrity in a honest, transparent and responsible manner in order to protect the reputation of the Schmersal Group as a family business and its people.

We work in an active and sustainable way to reduce the impact of our activity on the environment.

As part of a global team, we all take ownership of our tasks. We pursue innovation and excellence in ourselves, our processes, products and services. We are always oriented towards a solution and providing the highest possible customer value.

We build an environment of solidarity and respect, contributing with personal commitment and financial effort to the sustainable development of society.

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