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Safety for man and machine
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Wood industry

Occupational safety has a high priority in the wood industry because machines with a high risk of injury are used in this sector, such as sawing machines.

Characteristic of the industry is that many machining processes are used outdoors and often harsh environmental conditions – e.g., flying wood chips, splinters, and sawdust – pose a challenge. Schmersal has therefore developed an outdoor-suitableportfolio of robust and explosion-proof safety components and systems especially for the wood industry.

Non-contact safety sensors are suitable for environments where wood chips or dust or heavy contamination could impair the function of the switching devices. This is because the wear-free mode of operation, avoiding mechanical actuating elements, enables a resistant design of these safety components.

Another example are the particularly robust command and control devices of the R range for the man-machine interface. The R series is resistant to mechanical stresses and is easy to operate even when wearing gloves.

With this portfolio, Schmersal ensures maximum occupational safety in the wood industry.

Robust portfolio for maximum occupational safety in the wood industry

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