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Project management for trainees
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Project management
for trainees

Working in projects and cross-departmental teams is becoming more and more important in our company. Therefore, self-organisation, team skills, time management, but also the use of tools from the “Modern Workplace” are helpful to achieve project success.

Within the framework of “Schmersal tinkers”, trainees and students may learn and develop project management skills not only theoretically, but also by means of a real project. Based on our sixth core value, the intention of ‘Schmersal tinkers’ is to challenge and encourage young people to strive for excellence and be solution oriented by enabling them to take ownership for their own tasks


Living our values:
Project management for trainees


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But not only is “Schmersal tinkers” closely related to our core values, but also the first project which was finished as part of this program: For the first “Schmersal tinkers” project team the practical project scope included the conception, development, production, and organization of the distribution of a cover for Schmersal’s business mobile phones.

Like any other new product, our mobile phone covers had to meet many requirements: Special attention had to be paid for instance to internal production, costs and – referring to our core value number 5 – also to the sustainability of the product. And, since the new phone covers will protect our business mobile phones, the project also perfectly fits to our first core value “To have safety as our #1 priority”.

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The team

The project team consisted of four trainees and students from different professions, who would not work together in this constellation during their regular training period.


Project process

Together with all the departments involved and after extensive research, the decision was made in favour of a mobile phone case that is suitable for the iPhone 12/iPhone 12 pro. The design of the mobile phone case was coordinated with Schmersal Marketing. The mould for the mobile phone case was then produced. Next, the inserts were eroded. The inserts reproduced the actual shape and lettering of the case as a negative.

At the same time, the packaging concept was developed in consultation with the respective departments.

The finished mould was then used to start injection moulding the cases.

The finished case was packaged in an environmentally friendly way and proved very popular at the important 'SPS 2022' trade fair in Nuremberg. All internal colleagues who have an iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 pro are also pleased to identify even more strongly with the Schmersal company and its values thanks to the mobile phone case


Where we are today

In addition to a case for the iPhone 12/iPhone 12 pro, a case for the new iPhone 15 was also finalized in time for the start of the "SPS 2023" trade fair.

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