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Ergonomic and efficient
Lean production: solutions for Schmersal and our customers

There are many possibilities for optimisation on the way to lean, efficient production. An important element of "lean production" is the ergonomic design of workplaces. If all the tools and workpieces are in an optimal arrangement in relation to each other and to the operator, a central prerequisite for productive work is given. In addition, one-sided or unnecessary stresses are avoided. 

Dr. Andreas Hunscher

Anja Gottwalz

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Working on the (production) island 

The "lean" design of work processes is crucial for preventive health care and occupational safety. That is why Schmersal has dealt intensively with this topic. Also in our own production – an example: At the Wettenberg plant, where operating systems and safety controls are predominantly manufactured, we have restructured production and set up production islands based on the principle of lean production. This system proves itself in practice – with measurable results

A comprehensive programme for the human-machine interface 

In our optimisation work, we use operating systems from our own range that can be operated ergonomically. 

Examples from the Schmersal product range:

  • Foot switches and safety foot switches (F, LKF and NKF series) for ergonomic, fatigue-free actuation of operating functions with the foot 
  • Control panels (BDF series) for direct mounting on the commercially available profile systems 
  • Operating and control devices (N, R, ... series) for industrial use in various designs and in a very large variety (pushbuttons, indicator lights, toggle switches, emergency stop buttons, key-operated switches ...; all from our own production)
  • Operating elements with particularly low actuating force for ergonomic operation of machine functions (operating and command devices, foot switches ...)
  • Two-hand control panels for presses and other machines/assembly lines with manually operated insertion stations
  • Safety mats for triggering/interrupting machine functions
  • Wireless "handheld" operating systems also for safety-related functions.

A new control element: the knee-operated switch

Schmersal's knee-operated switch allows operating functions to be actuated, e.g. when assembling electrical components, with the operator having both hands free for holding workpieces or assembling, and another machine function to be triggered without lifting the foot off the floor or footrest. "This makes the work easier," the employees confirm.

Our know-how: optimising workplaces 

You too can benefit from the know-how we have gained in optimising and designing "lean" workplaces: The specialists in our tec.nicum service division will be happy to advise you and optimise your workplaces in production and assembly on site. In doing so, we proceed systematically and can draw on extensive practical experience.

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