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New safety light curtains/grids in Ex design


The Schmersal Group has expanded its range of optoelectronic protective devices with a series of safety light curtains/grids in Ex design. The new EX-SLC/SLG440 series is designed in the ignition protection types EX d (gas atmospheres), EX t (dust atmospheres) and EX op is (optical radiation) and is thus especially suitable for access protection of potentially explosive areas in industrial production - namely for zones 1 and 21.

There is an elevated risk of explosion in many areas of manufacturing, such as in the chemicals industry, in refineries or paint shops where flammable coatings are being used. In industries that process bulk materials, such as in the animal feed or recycling industries, as well as in sawmills and plants that process cereals and grains.



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Schmersal has developed the SLC/SLG440 safety light curtain/grids in Ex version precisely for these applications. These devices can be installed in potentially explosive gaseous and dusty atmospheres of zones 1/21 and 2/22, category 2GD and are used to protect hazardous areas and machine access. When one or more of the beams is interrupted, hazardous movements are brought to a halt.

The series is ATEX certified and further certification – IECEx, INMETRO and CCC Ex – are due to follow. The sensor system is accommodated in a protective enclosure made from non-breakable glass.

Ex-SLC440 safety light curtains for finger, hand and body detection are available in versions with a resolution of 14 and 30 mm as well as ranges of between 0.3 and 20 m. Ex-SLG440 safety light curtains are suitable for access control to hazardous areas. The waterproof and dustproof devices achieve IP66 and IP67 protection class and also have the capability to be used outside.

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