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Plastics & rubber

The plastics processing industry is an industry with a high level of innovation and is considered a pioneer in many areas of automation technology. Digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are the focus in the ongoing optimization of processes.

Machines used in the plastics industry operate at high production speeds and must be absolutely flexible. That is why plastics machines are increasingly modular in design.

As a partner to this industry, we provide custom-fit solutions, for example with the help of the PROTECT PSC1 modular programmable safety controller, which supports the design of modular machine concepts in a safety-oriented manner.

Via the PSC1, Schmersal products can provide a lot of maintenance information in the sense of predictive maintenance. In addition, the PSC1 is suitable for the requirements of EUROMAP 77 thanks to OPC UA.

In addition, Schmersal has a EUROMAP-compatible portfolio of safety components and systems.

Thus, our products contribute to process optimisation and high performance of plants in the plastics industry.

Custom-fit solutions for the plastics industry: maximum safety and performance

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