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New Doorhandle System DHS
Ergonomic Design. Particularly suitable for profile systems.
new versionof SD Gateway
Enhanced productivity with high-performance error diagnosissis
EX-SLC/SLG440 Safety light curtains/grids in Ex design
The H series Hygienic command and signaling devices
Precise position detection – for automotive and intralogistics

Colour signals: 
machine status is directly visible on the handle

The new door handle system DHS

The new DHS door handle system unites the functions of a robust door handle with display of individual machine statuses using illumination in the handle itself. The door handle system is universally designed so that it can be optimally used with the AZM40 solenoid interlock, with safety sensors from the RSS260 series or as a stand-alone solution.

The handle signals different machine conditions over its area using seven different colours. The user can control the colours individually in order to signal defined machine status.  
In addition, a push button is available, which can be individually adapted to customer requirements using the coloured push button caps supplied. The pushbutton can be used for tasks such as a reset function or a request to open the guard door.
The benefit: The DHS door handle system eliminates the need to install additional door handles and indicator lamps. The entire door system has been designed for integration into 40 mm profile systems.




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Another highlight of the door handle system product family is the new BDF40 control panel, which, with its flat design, adapts optimally to the AZM40 solenoid interlock. 

Two versions are available, with or without emergency stop function, both with interchangeable, colour button caps for illuminated or unilluminated pushbuttons.

A connector allows the control panel to be integrated effortlessly into the door system with AZM40 solenoid interlock and DHS door handle. As an alternative, it can also be installed as a standalone control panel. The 12-pin M12 connection enables rapid and reliable installation and can be optionally concealed with an MS assembly kit to guard against tampering.  

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