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Semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry is a booming growth market with rapidly increasing demand. Whether laptops, tablets or smartphones – almost nothing works without microchips. But the classic industrial sectors of mechanical engineering and automotive also rely on semiconductors. Due to the rapid demand, high equipment availability is essential in the semiconductor industry. However, the industry also places the highest demands on safety, quality and cleanliness.

Most plants are operated under cleanroom conditions, as the production of microchips is extremely sensitive to dirt and dust particles. For these applications, Schmersal offers a comprehensive portfolio of safety components that are of suitable design and enable use up to the highest cleanroom class.

Schmersal also supplies future-proof solutions for the semiconductor industry in terms of diagnostic convenience and networkability, which contribute to maximum plant availability. Our intelligent safety concepts rely on communication and connectivity to enable performance improvements in microchip manufacturing.

Safe, clean and highly productive: Our solutions for the semiconductor industry

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