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Regenerative energies

Renewable energies are becoming increasingly important in the context of the desired energy turnaround. Wind turbines and photovoltaics in particular are seen as a climate-friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

Low downtimes and efficiency despite permanently harsh weather conditions are top priorities for photovoltaic and wind power plants. At the same time, safety must be guaranteed at all times, both during operation and during maintenance and repair work.

Schmersal offers solar and wind power plant manufacturers a comprehensive portfolio of robust safety components and systems that have proven themselves in outdoor use. An economic advantage is that Schmersal’s products are energy efficient, as Schmersal has succeeded in significantly reducing the power consumption of its switchgear.

Many wind turbines have elevators and elevator technology that fall under the Machinery Directive. Schmersal offers a wide range of elevator controls and switchgear products, such as position switches and magnetic switches. Operators of wind turbines, which are often located at a great distance, benefit in particular from the proven software tools and monitoring systems that enable remote management of elevators.

Safe and reliable in wind and weather

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