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Millimetre-precise 3D depth images for process optimisation in logistics and production
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Millimetre-precise 3D depth images for process optimisation in logistics and production

The Schmersal Group presents for the first time a 3D camera for the automated acquisition of digital process data in real time:The AM-T100 is a Time-of-Flight camera (ToF), which uses a Sony DepthSense™ sensor to create 3D depth images with millimetre accuracy. The camera uses ToF technology, i.e., runtime measurement of emitted light pulses in the infrared range (850 Nm), which are reflected off the objects being captured. This enables high-speed creation of a 3D image of the scene with millimetre accuracy that is available as a point cloud.

The high image rate of up to 60 fps allows efficient use in industrial manufacturing processes as well as in logistics and robotics. The camera can be used for tasks such as packaging support, box filling, stacking, volume detection and labelling in logistics and packaging as a means of boosting the efficiency and accuracy of processes.

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The camera is also capable of ‘looking into’ containers or large load carriers to detect their current fill level. In addition, the camera facilitates volume determination of general cargo and birds-eye monitoring of staging areas in production, assembly, storage and order picking. Other uses include the capture of dimensions and surface quality. With high-performance IR illumination and an image resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the AM-T100 achieves a visual range of 67° x 51° at a range of 6 metres.

The image data are made available over the standardised GenICam data interface and can be edited with common image processing software. An Ethernet interface enables rapid and comprehensive data transmission, as well as a 24 V power supply if required (Power over Ethernet).

The AM-T100 comes pre-installed with the CONSAM-T configuration software. This software allows the camera to be configured to monitor complex and individually defined 3D zones. If it detects an object within the zone, it will switch digital outputs. In addition, digital inputs allow for switching back and forth between different 3D zones. An integrated SDK (software development kit) offers support to software developers and system integrators with software configuration and application creation.

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