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Safety for man and machine
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Extensive automated plants, numerous and different safety switchgear: these are typical characteristics of intralogistics plants. Schmersal offers a broad portfolio of industry-specific safety components and systems for warehousing and material flow, as well as a diverse range of products for industrial trucks.

In intralogistics, there are high demands on the productivity and fail-safety of the systems. Schmersal’s safety solutions are ideally suited to meet these demands: The intelligent safety components with extended diagnostic functions can provide a wide range of operating data. As data suppliers, they thus support the monitoring of processes – entirely in line with Industry 4.0. In addition, Schmersal products can provide maintenance information so that components can be replaced in good time to minimise downtimes and failures. A plus point for predictive maintenance.

The safety installation systems from Schmersal enable simple, fast and error-free installation of the safety switches as well as reduced wiring effort – a considerable (cost) advantage in the complex systems of intralogistics.

Machine safety for intralogistics – plus points for productivity

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