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Safety for man and machine
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High demands on product safety and the reproducibility of production processes are the main challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. Typical applications include mixing, granulating, freeze-drying, coating, sterilising, filling, closing, sealing, cleaning and packaging. Personal and process protection as well as hygiene have top priority in this industry.

Schmersal offers the pharmaceutical machinery industry a comprehensive product range of hygienic safety components that is unique on the market in this variety. Our products also have the necessary approvals required for hygiene-sensitive areas, such as Ecolab and EHEDG.

One example is our hygienic safety light curtains, which achieve IP69 protection. This series is resistant to H2O2, making it suitable for aseptic or sterile manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, where vaporised hydrogen peroxide ensures high product safety.

In addition to other hygienic components, Schmersal also supplies a wide range of safety sensors and solenoid interlocks in hygienic design that can be connected in series and forward extensive diagnostic information to a higher-level control system. In this way, Schmersal supports digitalisation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Safety for people, products and processes – solutions for pharmaceutical machinery

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