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The new solenoid interlock with high coding
Flexible connection types and positions

Less is often more

Electromechanical safety switches for smaller machines and plants

There are a number of criteria to consider when choosing the right safety solution: the size of the machine or plant, the level of performance required and the necessary requirements for tamper protection.

The motto here is: less is often more. For smaller machines and systems or for cost-sensitive applications where a low performance level is required - for example for a packaging machine with small protective flaps - Schmersal offers a product family of compact electromechanical safety switches and solenoid interlocks that precisely fulfil the required safety level - at moderate prices.

The safety switches of the AZ215/AZ216 and AZ315/AZ316 series and the solenoid interlock AZM150 are characterised by their electromechanical operating principle, their space-saving, modern design and their wide range of applications thanks to a rotatable actuator head and a large number of variants.

An added advantage for versatility:
the rotating actuator head

An advantage of the AZM150 solenoid interlock is the rotatable actuator head, which is locked in place by simply fitting the cover rather than screwing it on. The actuator head, which can be rotated through 360°, has two actuator entrances, allowing different mounting positions and access options. This makes the solenoid interlock very versatile.

The AZ215/AZ216 and AZ315/AZ316 also feature a die-cast zinc rotating actuator head, which can be easily rotated in 90° increments in three simple steps before mounting. This allows the head to be approached from the side in four different directions, as well as from the top. These different approach positions and the possibility of combining them with different actuators make this series very flexible in terms of installation and offer the user universal application options.

Electromechanical switch with high coding

The AZM150 is an electromechanical solenoid interlock with a "high" coding level and therefore offers excellent protection against tampering. The advantage for the user: with high coding, fewer additional measures against tampering are required in accordance with ISO 14119, such as mounting out of reach or in a concealed position.

Solenoid interlock


  • Actuating head can be rotated by 4 x 90 
  • Holding force FZh = 1,500 N
  • Performance level up to d / Cat.3 according to EN 13849-1
  • The only electromechanical solenoid interlock with coding level "High" in accordance with EN 14119
  • Normally closed or normally open principle
  • 4 switching contacts
  • WxHxD: 40 x 204 x 48 mm
  • Protection class IP65, IP67
  • Compatible with 40 mm profiles
  • Extensive range of system accessories

Safety switches

AZ215/AZ216 And AZ315/AZ316 

with separate actuator

  • 4x 90° rotatable metal head made of die-cast zinc
  • Switch housing based on the PS 215/216 PS 315/316
  • Latching force 12N / 30N
  • Performance level up to d / Cat.3 according to EN 13849-1
  • 2 insertion openings for the actuator
  • Up to 3 contacts 
  • Ambient temperature: -30°...+80°C
  • Protection class IP 66/67
View technical data in the webshop
View technical data in the webshop
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